Things To Make Night-Time Better For Kids When Camping

Things To Make Night-Time Better For Kids When Camping

Children of all ages love camping. They can’t wait to get outside and explore the great outdoors, even if they are just sitting around a campfire or fishing in a nearby stream.

Camping is an Adventure but when u have kids and the night darkness down to earth, Things to Make Night-Time Better for Kids When Camping.

Camping is a great way to get back in touch with nature and experience some of the most beautiful natural sites that our country has to offer. Of course, before you can go camping as a family for the first time there are certain preparations needed so everyone will have an enjoyable trip. Here’s what I recommend doing:

The nighttime is going to be one of the most exciting things about being a kid, but it may also be your child’s worst nightmare. These tips will help make their first sleepover more manageable for you and them.

Things to Make Night-Time Better for Kids When Camping

A Quick Overview -Things to Make Night-Time Better for Kids When Camping

Here are some tips on how we make nighttime better for kids:

A bag for them to take their Toys in
A child’s a Sleeping bag
A child’s Travel pillow
A child’s Air bed
A child’s Torch

Take Some Toys from Home

The kids are really excited to pack themselves their own bags for the trip. They’ve been waiting all year and can’t wait to see what they’re going on this family vacation!
For children of all ages, there are backpacks to accommodate their needs. Backpacks have a variety of sizes for toddlers and preschoolers that can double as harnesses with the help of an adult’s strap. For older kids, we have larger child backpack options perfect for walking or taking on hikes with lunch items in tow!
Give your kids a simplified list of what they can pack while camping. This will ensure that the items are easy to keep track of and won’t get lost if it is only one or two things in their backpack instead of all those little small toys, books, and other knick-knacks you see them packing every time!

Get their own Sleeping Bag

It’s hard to find the perfect sleeping bag for your child. One that they’ll love but also be safe in, so make sure you buy a real one with no prints or characters on it.
These thin sleeping bags are good for those very warm summer nights, but to keep your kids properly insulated from the cold you’re going to want one of these proper kid’s sleep sacks.
One child sleeping bag we’ve recently tried is this Glow-in-the-Dark camping sleep sack from Coleman, which grows as your little one does.
It certainly puts an element of fun into the wilderness when fireflies start to glow at night and you can see them best if they are shined on with a bright torch before bedtime for maximum effect!

Take a Special Pillow

The best pillows for camping are the ones you take from home. This is because they have a lot of space, but there’s one problem: your car will soon get full with all your other stuff!
One thing that all of our children have taken camping with them at one point or another is these folding travel pillows.
Some kids have their favorite toys or pillows and some are glow-in-the-dark and it’s a perfect combination with the Things to Make Night-Time Better for Kids When Camping.

Take their Teddy/ Blanket

If they have a favorite stuffed animal, special blanket, or pillow you should bring that as well. I suspect it was one of the first items on your list to pack for them when this all started happening because we’ve been through enough “firsts” together haven’t we?

Set-up their Bed Properly

To prevent low temperatures during sleep, make sure to insulate under the sleeping bag as well as on top. It’s not like at home where you can just put an extra blanket on top if it gets cold.
Little kids like to roll off sleeping mats and air beds, so we put them on raised mattresses with sides. The kid-sized mattresses keep children snug in the right place!

Get Them a Torch- Things to Make Night-Time Better for Kids When Camping

One of the most important pieces to consider when venturing into uncharted territory is a light source.
Head torches are small, lightweight lights that mount on your head and provide enough illumination for short periods without being too bulky like a normal torch or lantern would be.
You might want to get a lantern for a night light, but if you can convince them they’ll be better off without it when camping. Some kids have been sleeping just fine with the dark since we started taking him on trips!

Try it at Home First

Make sure your kids are practicing with their sleeping bags at home before they get to camp. They’ll be so excited about the experience, one of them might ask if they could sleep in it anyway!


Kids need to get their hands dirty, so why not take some time outdoors and have a go at the basics of pitching tents? You could build your own makeshift camp in the back garden with an old tarpaulin or two. This will give you all plenty of opportunity for trial and error when it comes to sleeping arrangements – before taking on that weekend camping trip!