Quechua 2 Seconds Xl Review

Quechua 2 Seconds Xl Review

If you need a durable, easy setup tent that will have all your family’s needs covered then look no further. The best thing about this quality outdoor product is how fast it can be put up and taken down!

What are your first thoughts when you get to your camping spot? Do you immediately start planning activities? If yes, keep reading Quechua 2 Seconds Xl Review.

It’s no surprise why pop-up tents are so popular. These little shelters pack up into a small, lightweight package that can be thrown in your car or attached to the back of any truck for easy transportation just about anywhere you need some shelter!

I’d like to help you in this regard, so I did a market survey and settled on the Quechua waterproof pop-up camping tent as one of my favorite products.


  • Easy assembly
  • Free-standing structure
  • 2-second pitching. Guided folding system
  • One storage area
  • Easy to transport
  • Carrying bag
  • Heat resistant
  • Mechanical ventilation and Fresh & Black fabric to sleep well
  • Patented Fresh & Black outer fabric: 99% darkness even in broad daylight

Here are a few reasons why I recommend this product for outdoor activities. For more detailed information, take a look at our review of the Quechua 2 seconds Xl.

QUECHUA 2 Seconds Camping Tent - 3 Person - Blue


I’ve always loved taking this pop-up tent with me when I go out into nature. The company has made an excellent shelter that is different from all the cheap, flimsy models on shelves nowadays!

The Quechua 2 seconds xl pop-up shelter is a great tent for camping with friends. It’s got plenty of room to sleep three people and there’s no bulky weight, so you can take this on short adventures or long trips without feeling weighed down!

The 42 inches of headroom will make you feel like a king. The maximum height means that most people can sit straight inside, and if they want to have the fastest pitching shelter possible then read more below!


Keeping you cool on hot days is one of the best things about the Quechua 2 seconds xl air.

The new model comes through with a sleek and strong design for outdoor elements. We’re loving this double-wall construction that keeps the world out, while still letting you take advantage of all its benefits!


The flysheet is coated with a 2000mm PU coating which means the shelter will keep your interior dry if rain and winds won’t be too strong. This also makes it easy for you to clean because of its water-repellent characteristic!


The bathtub groundsheet is made of heavy-duty polyethylene that will withstand tear and puncture. It has a waterproof coating, and sealed seams with Thermo bond tape for extra durability!


The Quechua tent is a great option for those looking to escape the sun. This fabric filter will protect you from harmful UV rays and make your stay even better!


The company tested and validated it in the field, but not only there. They did this by validating their product with lab tests as well on sunny days or when there was some precipitation to make sure that people are getting a top-of-line outdoor shelter no matter what condition they find themselves in!


One of the best things about this tent is that it has proper air circulation. It can be opened up on either side to let in some fresh, outdoorsy-smelling breeze!

The openings on the shelter are covered with a flysheet that you can use to secure them when it rains. The water will stay outside and prevent condensation from causing discomfort while letting air inside, making sure your tent stays dry!

You’ll never have to worry about bugs again with this back vent! The mesh-lined room will let air flow freely while stopping pesky insects from getting inside your party.


The rear of this camper is designed to be opened up with the press of a button, so you can enjoy more fresh air and Natural Light without stepping out in rain.

When it rains from the side, put down your flysheet for increased stability. Use hooks to secure them in place and give yourself more air when you need it most!

You can enjoy your outdoor space without fear of mosquitoes thanks to the ventilation panels, which also show you what’s happening outside. All product openings feature a mosquito net keeping bugs and other creatures at bay!


The shelter has one sleeping room that can accommodate 3 outdoorsmen with their sleeping bags. It is 116 inches long and 29.5 wide, which makes it the perfect size for two people or only one person who likes company!


The front room of your home will serve as a vestibule where you can store shoes and equipment. The space also protects from getting wet in case it rains from the side, which is perfect for storing away all those winter clothes! The room measures 25.6 x 82.6 inches.

Organizer for commodities

The lantern has a hook for hanging it and four big mesh pockets to hold your things. There are also two on each side that will keep everything organized in an instant!


The large door in the front of this waterproof pop-up tent makes your entry and exit easy.

The door is secured with a zipper that you can close for your privacy and to keep outdoor creatures away from the inside. There’s also another door in a D shape that provides an entrance into this space, but it should only be used by those who need access or want extra light/air during daytime hours!

The door is made of a quarter-inch mesh (on the upper part) to provide better air circulation and easier sleeping at night while also protecting you from cold night neighbors. The rest will let in only what’s needed, blocking out any unwanted views or noises with its sturdy construction – including through rollaway on both sides!

As an added bonus this new design includes straps so it can be securely fastened no matter where your camper ends up staying during their vacation time!


The Quechua pop-up tent is a standout in its class. It features an impressive set of innovative features that make this model stand out from others on the market, making it by far your best option for outdoor shelter needs!

The setup of the tent is actually quite quick. You’ll need two seconds to set it up, but in reality, you only have ten minutes for that process which is still much faster than many other tents on the market today!

Setting up the tent is easy since all you have to do is throw it in the air and before it even hits the ground, you are ready. It unfolds fully opened downward so there’s no fastener needed once set down on flat land or sand…

If pitching anywhere else than at least 3 feet off of by 10 – 12 inches deep; stake out corners securely with four stakes each (or more).


The only challenge was after using the first time when all of these hoops were twisted together in knots from folding the fabric too quickly before packing everything away for storage or use another time around town – but now that’s just part of Tentmaking.


If you are expecting more rain than the sun, then it is best to get a waterproof tarp. This will keep your tent interior dry and clean!

The Tebery is a waterproof tarp that you can put under or above your shelter to protect it from moisture and dirt.

It has an Oxford fabric, measuring 94.5 x 86 7 inches when unfolded so it’s easy enough for one person to carry on any adventure!


Do you want to sleep longer in the mornings and enjoy an extended afternoon siesta? I have just what will suit you.

The Quechua 2 seconds 3xl fresh & black is an innovation that will enable you to sleep longer in the morning because it’s dark inside when all openings are shut. It works well for tent camping or backpacking, with its waterproof rating at 2000mm and weight of 9lbs 4ozs – perfect if your adventure includes both!

It doesn’t have a vestibule like the xl air model but it is quite roomy when you unfold it so that will help with your shoes or backpack. Want to see other products? These are blackout tents, which let me sleep in total darkness!


The feature that campers stress out is the tent’s build and quality. It can withstand years of abuse, which makes this product great for camping trips! There’s plenty of space inside with three men able to rest comfortably at one time in their own bed without feeling cramped or uncomfortable

The beautiful pop-up shelter that packs an airflow system and features in hot places such as Florida is perfect for spending the night outdoors. However, this isn’t meant to be a long-lasting luxury camping experience due to lack of headroom (but it does come with enough space).


The best thing about this tent is that it can be taken almost anywhere. The storage bag is a little bulky, but at least you don’t have to worry about carrying around something heavy on your back all day! I also like how simple things are with the window panels – just pull up some cords from inside of your pop-up sleeping quarters (I love when there’s rain outside!).

The model Quechua 2 Seconds Xl Review isn’t so high, but don’t worry because the vestibule offers great protection for your gear. It’s waterproof and keeps everything separate from where you sleep at night!

The tent is pitched in seconds so this is good for when you don’t have the will or time to set up poles. It’s a pretty decent model that can keep out light rain while giving enough room inside for friends, lovers, etc.

The fly does not fit quite well though because it lets water seep through but overall this shelter provides something usable even if just temporary until your next adventure!

FAQs – Quechua 2 Seconds Xl


Quechua is a trademarked brand that offers outdoor equipment for hikers and campers. It was established by nine Decathlon employees in 1998, who launched their first products with this name shortly after launching the company as an independent entity from parent retailer CTS Group; they still design many iconic items like tents or backpacks today!


The company is one of the most well-known and respected brands in its field. They provide high-quality products for beginners as well as experienced outdoorsmen, from rifles to backpacks!

Is it a good idea to buy Quechua tents?

The Quechua 2 seconds pop-up tent is great for camping and hiking. It’s quick and easy to set up with the included poles (and it only takes two!) plus there are air vents on top where you can see out or even more importantly get some fresh ventilation when needed!


The perfect camping companion! The Bushbox folds to 37 x 37 x 5.2 inches and has handles so you can carry it, weighing only 12 pounds – but don’t worry because there’s an extra durable tray-pack available for those trips where space is tight or weight matters most. We adventurers were designed for this thing.


It can be difficult to fold different types of pop-up tents, but with the Quechua 2 seconds xl 3 men model, you’ll have a smooth operation.
When holding this tent in your hands for example – first grab both sides and bring them together at their midpoint before folding down its upper part into an accordion shape which will give way allowing easy storage when not being used!


I made this Quechua 2 seconds xl review so you can see if the product is right for your adventures. Setting it up is easy and instant, not to mention how resistant it will be against all elements! It has a double-wall design with strong yet lightweight material which makes great use of both durabilities in terms of weatherproofing from rain or sun damage – no matter what Mother Nature throws at us she cannot break down these walls!

The tent is perfect for the adventurous. It’s large enough to fit up to six people, it has a single door zipped at your backside when entering and exiting so you don’t get dirty from crawling through grassy fields inside of this shelter!

This tent is a great way to spend your free time outdoors. There are openings on either side of this shelter that serve as windows for letting the fresh air inside, and you can use an overhead flysheet over them when it rains too!

It’s perfect if you’re looking forward to camping with just yourself or friends in mind- three people will be able to stay comfortable thanks so it’s 4 person rating (you could bring another friend along who would enjoy some quiet one on ones).