Best Motorcycle Camping Tent For Bikers

Best 6 Motorcycle Camping Tent For Bikers In 2022

Most people love outdoor camping and sure connections with sports such as hiking. Many people make camping more adventurous with their motorbikes and then later pull out their tent. Those people make camping possible at that place where the view is more enjoyable.

There is a big difference between riding a motorbike regularly and exploring a specific place for camping. You must take care of your motorbike and the best 6 Motorcycle Camping Tent For Bikers is an abundant way to save your automobile plus expend a wonderful time traveling through the mountains or deserts.

If you find an adventurous place, but there is not necessary that place is safe for you and your much-loved motorbike, then you defiantly want a tent for you and your motorbike that will protect your motorbike.

It is more appropriate than you finding a guesthouse or restaurant in the mid of the nighttime and gives you the freedom to explore as much as you want and simply camp out. If you think that an ordinary tent does this job, you wrong. These tents are specially made to offer full protection to your automobile even in thrilling weather conditions.

This guide will help you to find the best tent for motorbike outdoor camping as we list some of the key factors beforehand buying a motorbike camp. Much more things that will you need to buy a good tent for an outdoor camping tent, like the dimension and mass of the tent so that your bike fits well in it. Flooring space is also another main cause that keeps in mind.

This guide also provides you with negative aspects, that point also helps you to finally shortlist any item. After knowing these aspects you have to clarify the idea of what you want. Through this guide, we also go through some of the top motorcycle camping tents for bikers available online. By the end of it, you will with assurance have enough information about how and where to start.

Some of my articles can help you in selecting your desired Tents:

1. ALPS Mountaineering Lynx – 1 Person Tent

ALPS Mountaineering 5024617 Lynx 1-Person Tent, Clay/Rust


  • Type: 3-Seasons tent
  • Material: 75D 185T polyester fly with 1500mm coating resists UV
  • Floor Material: 75D 185T poly taffeta floor with 2000mm coating
  • Poles:7000 series aluminum poles
  • Sleeping Area: 91.2
  • Weight: 4 lbs 1 oz

This ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1-Person Tent is the perfect choice for solo bike riders looking to find a tent that won’t weigh them down on their next adventure. With its ultra-light design, this lightweight and easy-to-set-up one-person shelter can be strapped onto your back or frame without taking too much space out of your backpack!

The lightest backpacker tent in the market is perfect for those who want to spread out. It has space enough not only for you but also a large sleeping bag that makes it one of the fittest tents available.

This tent is perfect for people looking to stay dry in the rain. The waterproof coating and exposure-resistant rain fly will keep you feeling cozy while it’s raining outside.

  • Easy set-up
  • Outstanding airflow
  • Extra-long shape
  • Waterproofed
  • A full-coverage rainfly
  • Mesh roof space
  • No room for a motorbike
  • Not appropriate for cold climate
  • Not a portion of headroom

2. Coleman Hooligan – Best Backpacking Tent

Coleman Hooligan Backpacking Tent , Red, 4-Person


  • Type: 3-Season tent
  • People: 3 person
  • Weight: 12.6 Ibs
  • Rainfly: Full length
  • Poles: 1 pole design

The Coleman Hooligan Backpacking Tent is a lightweight camping tent that will last for years. This one-person or two-person, backpacking tent has an entry gate and two sleeping spaces inside it with space to store your gear in the front hall.

The 1,000-denier polyethylene bathtub ground is a heavy-duty model that offers the durability you need for comfort and easy sleep. This durable design will fit on most motorbikes with ease.

  • Better ventilation system
  • Extra hall for equipment
  • Easy to buildup and portable
  • Compacted packing proportions
  • Not have longer stability
  • Not arisen with motorcycle room
  • The vestibule door is tiny
  • A bit heavy

3. NTK Indy GT XL – Best Motorcycle Camping Tent

NTK Cherokee GT 5 to 6 Person Tent for Camping | 10x10 Instant Tent 6 Person | Big Waterproof Dome Tent | Family Camping Tent for 6 Person | 2500mm Warm & Cold Weather Tent | 6 Man Cabin Tent for Camping


  • Type: 3-Season tent
  • Weight; 12 lbs
  • Doors: 1 Protracted doorway
  • Mesh window: Ultra-Thin NO-SEE-UM polyester
  • Material: Anti-fungal polyethylene Polyester Taffeta 68D 190T 2500 mm PU

NTK has been producing this well-liked tent for motorbike sleep outdoors that provides you with all the geographies that you require. The inside is so spacious and comfortable, with enough room to easily accommodate five people without feeling cramped or claustrophobic! Thanks to its heating silver-coated surface, it’s not only easy to assemble – but also a perfect place at the end of an exhausting day on your bike!

This tent has a storeroom to save your bike, it protects you from the rain with its double-layered rainfly and provides plenty of room for cooking.

  • An ‘O’ ring for a camp out lantern and mesh pocket
  • Frame Hasty assemblage and silver courted surface
  • Expensive

4. DL Adventure Dromedary- Motorcycle Camping Tent for Bikers

DL Adventure Dromedary Motorcycle Tent, Patent Design and Ultimate Lightweight


  • Type: 3-Season tent
  • Material: Ultralight 40D238T Nylon
  • Poles: Aircraft Grade Aluminum
  • Mesh Netting: Available
  • Carrying Bag: Available

For the solo motorcyclist, this ultralight tent offers solid respiratory relief and a stress-free packing experience. This compact unit accommodates your bike on one side while providing enough floor space for you to stretch out in comfort. It is also a standard issue with panniers that fit any motorcycle make or model.

A tent that is not only breathable but also offers a tightrope technique to make it more stable. The windows are mesh so you can breathe while huffing your bike’s fumes for the finish line and have an opposite-side entrance just in case things get too intense!

  • Stylish and Ultra-lightweight
  • Patented side vestibule available
  • Ventilation is good enough (Mesh windows)
  • Anti-wind tight rope
  • Not easy set-up

5. Snugpak Cave- Best Motorcycle Camping Tent

Snugpak Cave 4 Person Tent, Waterproof, Olive


  • Type: 4 season tent
  • Design: Spacious design
  • Fabric Material: 190T polyester and B3 mesh
  • Doors: 4 points of entrance
  • Poles: Aluminum poles

Snugpak Cave Motorcycle Camping Tent is well-known for its ability to store your motorcycle and provide you with ample room for sleep. The sleeping area provides a safe level of climate protection as well!

This tent is perfect for a family getaway! It features four entrances so you can enter and exit the tent without disturbing your sleep partner. The aluminum poles are solid, durable construction that keeps this lightweight shelter surprisingly resilient to wear and tear.

  • Waterproof
  • Easy to set-up and easy to store
  • Huge space 18 feet long
  • No free-standing area

6. High Peak Outdoors Hiker-Biker Motorcycle Camping Tent

High Peak Outdoors Hiker/Biker Tent


  • Type: 3 season tent
  • Weight: 5 pounds
  • Door: 1
  • Rods: 2 Sets of fiberglass poles with speed clips
  • Color: Blue

This motorcycle camping tent is made for adventurous riders. Its small weight and pack size make it easy to transport, while its bathtub floor provides some extra protection in case of inclement weather. You’ll need less than 3 minutes before your High Peak Outdoors Hiker/Biker Motorcycle Camping Tent will be set up thanks to the dual arrays of fiberglass shafts that make this one-of-a-kind experience very casual and informal at any time!

This motorbike tent is perfect for any outdoor camping enthusiast. It features an enclosed zone for the bike and enough space to sleep in too!

  • lightweight
  • Mesh piece available for ceiling storage
  • Vestibule for shoes
  • water-resistant
  • Tent stake is worthless
  • A vestibule is not for a large object like bike cover

How To Choose The Best Tent For Motorcycle Camping

Huge variety available in the market, but you must be clear yourself about what you need. Selecting the correct one that can be challenging, so we have collected some critical aspects to keep in mind in advance you head to the store to buy the best 6 motorcycle camping tent for bikers.

Weather Conditions

If you plan outdoor camping in the mountaineer area, then you can go buy a 3-seasons durable tent, because it protects you from heavy rainy weather and you also see durability because of high wind.
If you go out towards planned areas then ensure that it is capable to look after you from the sun and has sufficient to preserve airflow when the temperature rises. A four-season tent is only useful for camping in very low temperatures prevalent in high-altitude environments.

Decide the Usage of Tent

The second step is to choose how you will be using a tent. This decides what kind of tent you will require. This monitor predominantly deals with motorbike tents, you appealing know your determination of purchasing a tent.
But you also want to adopt if your requirement is an ultra-lightweight tent or whether roughly heavyweight that would do (and hence less costly) as you might be furnished out for the weekend or preparation of a one-day trip.
Some people like outlay weeks when they head out for a venture and thus need a bit more strong and easy to conveyable while journeying on the foothills or other tough landscapes. Then you decide what you buy that is more comfortable for your journey and stay.

Pay Attention To Pack Ability Too

Weight is also an important factor to reason since you will be picking your tent at the back. But you must make assured that it is a good to fit in a backpack. Verify how much it will weigh after the equipment or stuff that can be squeezed inside the tent. When padding a tent, think about the distribution ways and capacity among numerous packages.


Most people going to buy a lightweight, easy backpack and carryable tents. when you are going on the journey you will have to carry the tent with you so it should be lighter and easy to carry.
If your journey is totally on your bike then the weight is not a problem but if hiking is a part of your camping then the weight is a big problem. So if your tent is light in weight then your hiking is more comfortable, so you must choose a lightweight tent for that type of outdoor camping.

The Size of the Tent

When you go to buy a tent for outdoor camping then the size is also a feature that must be included. it is simple when you are going on a motorbike camping you must choose a tent which Is bigger than your need.
You need extra space for your children and pets during outdoor camping so the size of a tent is a big parameter that must be noted at the time of purchasing. Space is also needed for comfortable sleep and reduce tiresome after a bike ride.
When you chose a tent for buying the size should be bigger than your desire. Later on, you will realize that you need more space for storing your goods and bike gear.

Pitch Before You Purchase

The size and shape of your tent are important factors to consider when buying one, but the number of people in it is also an essential detail. Be sure you know what kind of space will be within before making a purchase! You can get that information from checking out tents on display at outdoor stores or visiting websites dedicated exclusively to camping gear.

The durability of the Motorcycle Tent

When you are buying popular brands that manufacture the best motorbike outdoor camping, durability is not an issue. But reviews should be checked before buying the product.
Most prototypes currently are trustworthy and toughly manufactured but do make it a point to read what consumers have printed online already before bombarding out hundreds of dollars. This is a lifetime asset if you are capable to get your hands on a long-lasting tent.

Research Ease of Use

Research is also an important thing you must do before buying because it gives you more information about the thing you buy. Camping store employ also gives you information regarding the thing and after this, it is easy for you to select the thing.
A lot of models are presented in the market these days but some are more precious and easier to set up regarding the climate situation.

Make a Budget

Don’t be fooled when you see a tent for sale at an unbelievably low price. It might not have the features that you want, and it won’t last very long either!
Don’t fall prey to cheap bargains – there’s no such thing as a free lunch in this world of ours.

motorcycle camping tent for bikers


Q. What should I look for in a motorcycle camping tent?

A. Some key considerations include the size and weight of the tent, as well as its waterproofing capabilities.

Q. Which fabrics are best for motorcycle camping tents?

A. Fabrics that are lightweight, durable, and waterproof are the best options for motorcycle camping tents.

Q. How can I make my motorcycle camping tent more weather-resistant?

A. You can use it to make your motorcycle camping tent more weather-resistant, including investing in high-quality fabrics, reinforcing the tent seams and zippers, and adding additional waterproofing measures such as seam sealant or reflective tape.

Q. What are some other important considerations for motorcycle camping tents?

A. Ventilation is an important consideration for motorcycle camping tents, as you will want to avoid condensation buildup inside the tent.

Q. How can I find the right size and weight for my motorcycle camping tent?

A. You can consult online reviews or speak with a retailer to determine which size and weight options are best suited to your needs, depending on your height, gear capacity, and other factors.

Q. Are there any accessories that I should consider purchasing for my motorcycle camping tent?

A. Some accessories that can be helpful for motorcycle campers include a rainfly, footprint, or tarp to help waterproof the tent and protect it from wear and tear; guy lines and stakes to secure the tent in windy conditions; and a storage bag or compression sack to make packing up and transporting the tent easier.

Final Words

It all depends on the research that does before making a decision. In the above part of our guide, we list and appraise some of the best motorcycle camping tent for bikers accessible online, which also contain prototypes that are not expensive but still offer excessive features.

We expected that you are done with the compulsory aspects to consider before jumping to this section as it is significant to know what features to look into before you start reading product reviews. There are several brands available online that specialize in developing the best motorcycle camping tent for bikers.