How To Store Food When Camping In Bear Country

How To Store Food When Camping In Bear Country

The only creature more terrifying than a bear is your fellow campers. Bears are attracted to food and can attack you at the campsite that’s why I have some words about How To Store Food When Camping In Bear Country if they spot unsecured goods!

There are five different ways to store the food in a bear-proof container so you can be sure your secret ingredients won’t end up on someone else’s dinner plate!

Bear attacks are rare, but you should be prepared. I’m going to offer tips for what not to do when a bear is around and how to protect yourself from its stench!

The vast territory of the outdoors is a beautiful and exciting place. However, it can be dangerous too! So keep these safety tips in mind when you’re out there exploring:


Wild animals are usually very shy creatures that live in the wild, but some of them have been tamed by humans and now act as guard dogs for homes or dangerous games. These large herbivores actually fear contact with people because it might mean getting kicked viciously on the nose!

You will hardly come across them on the trails, and if you do it’s best to avoid eye contact.

Bears seem to love food just as much, if not more than people. Despite their large size and powerful jaws, these animals get excited when they smell or come into contact with something edible such as human flesh; this usually triggers an unprovoked attack on anything within reach including you!

There are many ways to stay safe while camping, but if you’re not storing your meals properly then it’s easy for an animal or person who tries to steal them. I’ve prepared 5 solutions that will help keep food secure and make sure no one gets hurt!

How To Store Food When Camping In Bear Country

Taking care of our environment is one way we can learn respect for nature. Take out the trash or seal it in bags because wild animals might smell good, but they don’t want you coming back!
Keep your food and leftovers secure with these easy steps Also, seal them tightly! Here’s how you can do that.


Campers should always store their food in the provided storage lockers and make sure they’re secure. These buildings usually have a metal grate that covers every slot, which will keep most animals away from it!
Don’t forget to lock the snack in a secure place after you store it. It makes no sense for something valuable like snacks and lunch items to be left unsecured, so make sure they’re locked uptight!


Your car is also an ideal place for food storage when you are camping in bear country. Choose a safe and out-of-sight area beneath your seat or behind the backseat where it will be well hidden from any hungry campers using this innovative idea!
To avoid generating smells in your car, place food inside of a sealed container prior to storing it.
Keep your food secure by keeping it in a safety-approved container. The last thing you need is for hungry predators to take away all of that hard work and spoilage!


When you are in your cabin, be sure that food is locked up and away from bears. It’s important for safety to always keep an eye on what is happening outside of the building as well!
To prevent your food from attracting any unwanted pests, use airtight plastic bags to store it. You can get these at a camping store or purchase them online for less than $1 each!


This is another great way to store your food outdoors, and the Bear-proof canisters are secured properly so they can’t get at it even if knocked over.
These lightweight, portable trash canisters are perfect for camping. Just place your foodstuff about 100 feet away from the campsite and you’ll be all set!
It is important to make sure that the canister isn’t attached to the rope because bears will take it if they find one.
There is a risk that the canisters at your campsite will be rented out all before you go, so it’s best to buy some for yourself.


This is a great way to keep your food safe in bear country. Tree platforms and hangars are easy, cheap solutions that work well for campers everywhere!
To preserve food for the long-term, put your groceries in an airtight bag and hang it from a tree with rope. Make sure to tie knots at both ends so you can easily pull down on either side when needed!


They have a strong, unforgettable smell that’s almost unbearable to be around. If you leave food out in your car and they get close enough for it to smell like something is being cooked or even just fresh off an oven this could draw them near so make sure everything smells good before leaving anything outside!

They can be very persistent when it comes to reaching the food they see and smell. People report damaged cars because bears were pestering them for some tasty treats or reminding themselves of a good snack from time to time!

If you intend to store food in your car, close the windows and seal it in a tight bag.

What odors do they Dislike?

According to Bear Smart Durango, they have 100 x more sensitive noses than we do. It turns out there’s a smart way to repel bears with smells that even the most hated ones hate!


Many people have found that bleach or ammonia works well as bear deterrents. They are used in buckets and containers, with some success stories to share!

If you want to do the same, make holes in the lid that we covered and leave it where he can get through. Let’s say right by his front doors!

Pro tip: Neither bleach nor ammonia should be mixed together because the fumes it produces are deadly to humans and bears.


If you have a cleaning product that contains the smell of pine trees, then it is wise if camping in bear country. Bears hate this strong scent so they’ll likely stay away from your campsite while using their favorite spices!

BEAR SPRAYS are effective deterrents, but can they be used?

The bear spray was enough to send the bears running, but not before they made an impression on me. One sprayed his scent all over me and I can still smell him in my hair now that it’s been raining for days!

  • The point is that when a spray dries out, the pepper residue mellows and creates bear-attracting odors.
  • The ingredients in these sprays can cause problems if they dry up too quickly because then there will be no smell at all!
  • I understand that you might not want to attract them to your camping place, so I advise against it.

Is there anything you shouldn’t do?

Unwritten rules are clever to consider if you want to avoid inviting this giant into your camping place.

Avoid these things:

  • Wear the clothes you cooked to sleep
  • In the tent, you can eat your food
  • Burial is the only way to stop them from smelling leftovers
  • If you see young bears, get close to them.
  • To take a picture of him, you must get close to him
  • Don’t bring aromatic food, such as fruit and fish
  • Don’t look at him, run or yell if you see him


How do you stay safe when you encounter a bear? Here are some tips you should keep in mind if you meet him while camping or hiking.

First, I will cheer you up with the fact that these animals are afraid of humans like many others. In most cases, they’ll run away if seen but there’s somewhere it seems as though they want nothing more than a chance at our flesh!

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You should know How To Store Food When Camping In Bear Country. Below are some suggestions.

How To Store Food When Camping In Bear Country


If he didn’t run off, stay calm and talk slowly. Make sure not to look him in the eyes or wave your arms at all while doing so–just move them up and down slowly as if you were waving hello from across a crowded room.


If the first step doesn’t work, try a different approach. If that also fails then don’t give up! Keep going and be patient with your bear–even if he is feeling threatened or predatory you can still win him over by being calm in demeanor as well as slow-moving when approaching them from behind so they do not feel cornered.

Maintaining eye contact will only make things worse for both parties involved

Pro tip: You must never turn your back on him


Although it may seem like an intimidating situation, if he doesn’t want to leave then you will have no choice but to do as follows.

When approaching slowly and waving your arms before him just stand still or back away little by little until he leaves on his own accord without force from either party involved – this is for safety purposes!


If he gets too close, lay flat on the ground with your face down and put up an arm to protect it. If that doesn’t work then just wait for him to leave!

His mood can change quickly, and he may be either defensive or predatory. If this is the case with him then you need to watch out because it will not end soon!

Stand up and look as big as you can. You can use a stick or bear spray on his face if necessary to protect yourself from the threat of violence

How To Store Food When Camping In Bear Country – SEAL THE FOOD AND TRASH

Food will attract bears to your campsite so make sure that you store it properly and cook all food inside. Use my techniques for protection, and be stress-free from these wild animals when camping!

If you see a bear, be aware that it can become aggressive if threatened. Also, know how to behave around them and what not to do at the campsite or on trails so as not to put yourself in danger! 


Q. What are the rules for storing food when camping in bear country?

A. The most important rule is to never leave food or cooking utensils unattended, as this can attract bears and other wildlife that could potentially cause harm.

Q. How should I store food when camping in bear country?

A. One option is to use a bear-proof container, which can be purchased or rented from many outdoor sporting goods stores. Another option is to hang your food from a tree using special hanging ropes and carabiners designed for this purpose.

Q. What should I do if I see a bear while camping in bear country?

A. If you see a bear while camping in bear country, it is important to stay calm and avoid making any sudden movements or loud noises. Slowly back away from the bear while speaking in a calm, even tone to show that you are not a threat.

Q. Are there other safety precautions I should take when camping in bear country?

A. Yes, it is also important to make sure that you store food and cooking utensils away from your tent, as well as avoid wearing foods or strong fragrances that could attract bears.

Q. What should I do if a bear attacks while camping in bear country?

A. If a bear attacks, it is important to fight back and try to make yourself as big and loud as possible. Use any object nearby as a weapon, and aim for the bear’s eyes and nose.