How To Replace Tent Zipper With Velcro

How To Replace Tent Zipper With Velcro| Pro Camping Guide

The zippers on your tent may be old and worn, or you might have just had bad luck buying one. No matter the reason for its breakage- it’s not time to buy an entirely new tent yet! How to Replace Tent Zipper with Velcro is less expensive than purchasing another setup tent.

During the camping season, weather can also take a toll on your canopy – you’ll be in and out of it often. This puts stress on zippers that wear down over time. Eventually, both individual teeth or an entire zipper may break or malfunction as well!

The main reason that zippers drive people crazy is that they zip up and down the canopy as you go in and out to get inside. This causes stress over time, which may lead to broken zippers or simply lost teeth on the zipper.

If you have a damaged or broken zipper, don’t throw your tent out! It is easy to replace and will save you the hassle of buying an entirely new one.

Here are some quick steps for how to do it- How To Replace Tent Zipper with Velcro

How to Replace Tent Zipper with Velcro

Why it’s Worth Replacing Tent Zip

Zippers can be a pain to deal with, but they’re crucial for getting into your shelter without struggling. Replacing them instead of discarding your whole tent is worth it – Especially if you purchased quality equipment that won’t fall apart in the middle of an outing!

How to Replace a Broken Tent Zipper

A broken zipper is one of the most frustrating things that can happen when camping. Whether it’s because you have misshapen or worn out teeth, don’t have any way to zip up your tent and need a little privacy, or if the zipper has just stopped working completely – there will inevitably come a time when replacing this necessary accessory becomes an absolute necessity.

How to Replace Tent Zipper with New Zip

To remove a zip from inside, start by pulling the fabric off on both sides.
Replace the old zipper on your tent with a new one. Cut along each side of the stitching to release it from inside and then pull off completely, being careful not to damage or scratch anything else around you.
Stitch the ends together by hand with a needle and thread. Make sure to go through all layers of fabric so it’s secure! If you have a sewing machine, use that instead as long as you don’t overheat your material.
Start by reattaching the fabric on the outside by sewing through both top and bottom of the new zip’s stitching.
Zip up the tent from inside. You’ll never see what you’re doing!
Repeat on the other side.

How to Replace tent zipper with Velcro

The first step to changing a zipper is finding the replacement.
Making sure that your new zipper matches the width of your tent will ensure a perfect match and make it easier to zip up.
Next, cut the old zipper off of your tent with a pair of scissors.
Sew some Velcro onto the opening of your tent to increase durability and keep it sealed.
Sew on a strip of Velcro to both ends and the middle along one side, then do it again on the other opening.
Now sew on two more pieces of the vehicle for reinforcement
To avoid any air bubbles from getting caught up in the zipper, use a sewing needle to push out all of them and then smooth them out.
Enjoy your newly upgraded tent!

Here are some Tips – How to Replace Tent Zipper with Velcro

If a zipper is often used, then it will eventually need to be replaced.

For frequent zippers with many unzips and zips over time, the old one may not work anymore because of wear-and-tear from all those interactions.

When it comes to tents, one of the most common problems is when your zipper starts slipping or breaking after being set up multiple nights in a row.

If you have any issues with this procedure we are more than happy to answer any questions you have about how best to care for your tent!

FAQs – How to Replace Tent Zipper with Velcro

Q1. How do I replace my tent zipper with Velcro?

A. You will need to purchase a replacement zipper and some Velcro. Cut the old zipper off of the tent, and then sew the new one on in its place. Be sure to secure the ends of the new zipper with Velcro so that it doesn’t come undone.

Q2. Will this work for all tents?

A. Yes, this method will work for any type of tent.

Q3. Do I need to use special tools?

A. No, you can use a regular sewing needle and thread to attach the new zipper. However, if you don’t feel confident doing this yourself, you can always take your tent to a professional seamstress or tailor.

Q4. How much will this cost?

A. The cost will vary depending on the type of zipper and Velcro you purchase. However, you can expect to spend around $20-$30 on materials.

Q5. How long will this take?

A. Sewing on a new zipper will take around 30 minutes to an hour, depending on your skill level.


The guide on How to Replace Tent Zipper with Velcro might be the answer you’re looking for. We hope that it is helpful and we can get your problem solved as quickly as possible! Accidents happen, but with our advice at least now you know what to do in case of emergency (or even just if something breaks)!