How To Repair Broken Fiberglass Tent Pole

How To Repair Broken Fiberglass Tent Pole?

The fiberglass pole of your tent is likely to break if you don’t take care. Accidents happen all the time and this could mean that it’s damaged too!

Camping can be an expensive hobby, but fortunately, there are some things we recommend for keeping up with your equipment’s health at home or in nature without breaking anything along the way.

You know that feeling when you go camping and just want to enjoy the outdoors, but can’t because your tent isn’t complete? That’s frustrating. I’m here with some advice on how to repair broken fiberglass tent pole so they’ll be ready for more adventures in no time!

This article will help you fix any problems ̶ even major ones like broken pole sections – which means happier trips through nature this season.

Fix a Broken Fiberglass Tent Pole Like an Expert

When fiberglass poles get broken, most people think that this is the end of their camping and they will have to buy another shelter. They don’t know how to repair them for a temporary fix until a replacement can be purchased or made.

The material used in making tent supports is oftentimes fragile because it’s lightweight but durable enough not to break easily when struck against an object within your campsite environment like other objects lying around from things being set up beforehand such as rocks.

A broken tent pole can be an extreme measure, but it doesn’t have to ruin your camping experience. With some training and the right equipment, you will learn how to fix this problem on the fly!

Tent Pole Repair Kit

To complete this process, you will need the following supplies:

How To Repair Broken Fiberglass Tent Pole

The Process – How To Repair Broken Fiberglass Tent Pole

As you read above, the fiberglass poles that are used to support tents usually come with an elastic cord. This shock cord runs through its length and is knotted at both ends so it can be tightly secured inside your tent without needing any complicated mechanisms or tools!

When your tent poles break, it’s imperative that you replace just the bad section. This will avoid any future issues with the functionality and stability of not only yourself but also those around you in camp! The process is as follows:

How To Repair Broken Fiberglass Tent Pole, To replace a broken tent pole, you need to measure the section of fiberglass that needs replacing and cut enough material with your hacksaw so there’s plenty for both constructions.

Carefully saw through it until all pieces are removed from within; then sand down any rough edges or burrs left behind before installing into place as needed!

It will also be helpful if wear safety glasses while doing this since some types can cause serious injuries should they get caught in an open wound such as your eyes during the production process.

  • You can sand the pole edges to get a smooth finish by removing the duct tape and sanding the duct tape off the pole.
  • Place the full pole of your tent on a hard surface and carefully untie that Knot. If you can’t reach it with fingers, use needle-nose pliers to get what is at the end without any hassle; because this knot may have been tied very tightly!
  • Carefully remove the pole sections from the shock cord until you reach the broken part.
  • Replacing the damaged part with the prepared section is the best solution.
  • Don’t forget to re-stretch the shock cord as you remove it from each pole section. Make sure that all of your poles are placed in similar places so they stand up properly when attached back together again!
  • Tying a knot at the end of your cord is important to make sure that it’s taught and sturdy. This will hold up not only for when you’re in need but also as an integral piece-part if there ever was one!

If you notice that the kingpins are not level, get out your trusty shock cord and adjust it. You can do this from either end of each pole or both ends together!

Use a Pole Repair Sleeve

A tent pole repair sleeve is one of the quickest repair methods that can be used to fix broken poles. It’s also an easy process for any person, even kids! All you need are some tools and your handy-dandy tent splint (or short pole).

If you don’t see it in the package make sure to buy it so that when disaster strikes, your tent will be fully prepared. One way is repairing a broken pole with this splint–however, there are other options as well!

When you want to fix a broken pole, line up both sections and bend slowly. Then straighten out the bend so it’s not as noticeable on your yard or garden toolshed of choice!

Place the splint over your hand so that it covers all of its exposed areas. If there is a bend in one piece, use pliers to straighten it out, and then continue with applying this for as long as needed!

Wrap each end of the pole with duct tape or other heavy-duty cloth several times and that’s it. (The poles are finished!)

Use a Tent Stake

With a little ingenuity and creativity, you can use any stake or pole to hold your tent up. You’ll want one for each side of course since they’re not very strong on their own but with these handy devices all set in place it should be enough until help arrives!

First, line up the broken pole sections with pliers. Now take a stake and align it next to one of your bent pieces; make sure that both are centered by looking at how things were before they broke!

The final step is using duct tape or another heavy-duty material like packing Tape (or worst-case scenario: Gorilla Glue) -just don’t forget what happened here first-to fix all parts together so nothing falls apart again soon!!

How Do you Replace a Shock Cord?

Have you noticed any cracks in your shock cords or does it not stretch anymore? Replace it if these problems occur.

The first step

First, you must know how the shock cord is connected so open up your end of a pole. In most cases, there will be metal or plastic tabs on either side that can pull out when repairing it with some thread if needed!

The Second Step

First, you must know how the shock cord is connected so open up your end of a pole. In most cases, there will be metal or plastic tabs on either side that can pull out when repairing it with some thread if needed!
Once everything’s marked down accordingly tie an old shock cord off on each side so that it doesn’t get mixed back up with anything else during assembly time (or cut some spare ones ahead if preferred).

The Third Step

Connect the new cord with a tab. The cord is now ready to be threaded through the pole. To cut the cord with the clamp or vise grip, pull it tight when you tread the last pole section.

The Fourth Step

Attach the pole tip to the core and tack the loose end.

Save the Money

How to Repair broken fiberglass tent pole, it is easy if you have the right tools. With my advice, repairing this type of damage will not take up much time and energy while still being effective! 


Q. What are fiberglass tent poles?

A.Fiberglass tent poles are thin, lightweight rods made from a composite material containing glass fibers. These poles are commonly used in camping tents and other outdoor shelters to provide support for the fabric cover of the structure.

Q. What happens if my fiberglass tent poles break or become damaged?

A.If your fiberglass tent poles break or become damaged, it is possible to repair them using a few simple tools and supplies. In most cases, the damage will only affect the cosmetic appearance of the poles and will not impact their strength or function.

Q. How do I know if my fiberglass tent poles can be repaired?

To determine if your fiberglass tent poles can be repaired, inspect them for any signs of damage such as cracks, breaks, or fraying.

Q. What supplies do I need to repair my tent poles?

To repair your fiberglass tent poles, you will need a few basic supplies, including duct tape, scissors or wire cutters, and epoxy resin. You may also want to have some sandpaper on hand to smooth out any rough surfaces after the repairs have been completed.

Q. What is the best way to store my fiberglass tent poles?

When not in use, fiberglass tent poles should be stored in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. This will help to prevent them from becoming damaged or weakened over time.

Q. Can I prevent my fiber glass tent poles from breaking?

There are a few things that you can do to help prevent your fiberglass tent poles from breaking. Try to avoid using them in excessively windy conditions, and make sure that they are not under too much tension when setting up your tent.