How To Mount A Roof Top Tent

How To Mount A Roof Top Tent? Beginner Camping Guide

Are you a DIY person who loves to challenge yourself and work on simple tasks as well?

You are the opposite of lazy! You want to get your hands dirty. Simple or extreme, it doesn’t matter how tough things may seem – that’s why this job is perfect for you.

When you are alone at the campsite, there is no one to help. You’re left solving simple tasks like setting up your tent or finding a good spot for campfires and more complicated ones such as fixing anything that breaks down around you.

Out of many, here we come with how to mount a rooftop tent like a pro.

Mounting a tent can be an alien thing for first-timers. But it’s not so hard after you have done it once or twice, and then never pray to have to do that again at the time camping!

The most difficult part about backpacking is mounting your tent – but don’t worry; even if this is something new for you, with some practice over time it’s like second nature.

Camping, while often a simple experience for many people is made much more enjoyable and eventful when you know the basics of how to set up your own tent. This article will explore those basic skills in an easy-to-follow manner that leaves no room for confusion or frustration so read on!

Things to Ponder Before Mounting a Roof Top Tent

Tent pitching is a fun and rewarding activity. Some pieces need to be unriddled before starting, but it can still be an entertaining challenge.

Why Do You Need a Roof Rack System?

If you want to get away from it all, experience the great outdoors in its purest form, and camping with nature at your doorstep, then a rooftop tent is just what you need. These tents sit well over vehicles so there’s no need for an expensive hotel stay. Simply pitch up on the beach or riverbank wherever takes your fancy! The perfect way to experience outdoor living without breaking the bank…

Rooftop tents are the best way to enjoy camping while avoiding any stress of a tent. Not only do they give you more room, but also mean that your car is less cluttered and has better gas mileage too!

The roof rack will vary depending on which vehicle it’s for so make sure not to buy one without knowing what size you need first.

What Type of Roof Rack Works for the Roof Top Tent?

Need to buy a tent but not sure what size? Well, it depends on how big your car is. If you know the type of vehicle that will be transporting your purchases then all issues are half-solved! So skip this paragraph and instead let’s jump into our various rack options available for purchase today.

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How To Mount a Roof Top Tent

Rack Systems

And we got the three best options in the line.

  1. Full Roof Rack
  2. Crossbars
  3. Bed Rack

Three different rack systems are ready for you to put on top of your car’s roof. There is an installation kit available, so the racks can be used with just about any vehicle in need of a little extra space!

1. Full Roof Rack

For those who love to travel, there’s no better way to do it than by car. For the ultimate avid traveler that knows nothing can stop them from exploring nature countrywide, a rooftop tent is perfect for being on the road any time of year and anywhere in the world!

The full roof rack is the best option for you when it’s time to hit the open road and your plan was not originally set in stone. It won’t cost much money, but will give you access to a comfy bed at any of our nearby motels if needed!

The COVID-19 era has the nation in a grip, but for campers who still want to take their summer holiday, there’s one last hope: rooftop tents. Tents that can be strapped on and hung from your car

I’ve been looking for the perfect solution to all of my camping needs, and this is it. The Full Rock Rack will hold anything I need without damaging my car’s roof! It can withstand over 500 pounds with its durable design that stabilizes your tent on top so you don’t have to worry about any accidents while driving from one spot in nature to another.

2. Cross Bars

The crossbars roof system is ultimately lightweight and accommodates only the lightest tent to go with.

Unlike a full roof rack system, this one is not reliable – it can’t take heavy weights for extended periods of time before bending or breaking down under pressure.

If you’re a camper, then the weatherized tent should be your best friend. Its lightweight build and versatility make it perfect for taking with you on adventures of all sorts – whether that means camping or just hitting the road again!

This is the perfect tent for those of you who are on a budget and need to stay with your partner. It fits two people comfortably, even if they’re heavier than average!

3. Bed Rack

The bed rack is a truck accessory that will allow you to mount your rooftop tent anywhere on the back deck. It can hold up to six people and has an extremely robust build with thick steel construction, sturdy joints, heavy-duty straps, and reliable welds as well!

This means it’s perfect for any big family or group of friends who want their holiday memories captured in photos by traveling from destination to destination without having to worry about setting everything down every time they stop.

Bed racks are designed exclusively for trucks so if you live out west where pickup trucks dominate like Ford F150 then this might be right up your alley but even still there is nothing stopping those living elsewhere from enjoying these benefits which include its very easy mounting process

How to Mount a Roof Top Tent

That involves a series of portions to follow.

Tools required:

First off, we need to get the rooftop tent mounted before it’s too late. We have everything you’ll need in order to mount this great accessory!

Installation – How To Mount a Roof Top Tent

Installation of Roof Top Tent

For the side mounting, crossbars are installed in front of a roof rack on either end and aligned with the hinge to mount them.
Nylock nuts are used to hold the mounting tracks in place. They go inside of the inner slot and when slid towards each other, they’ll be able to fit between two holes on either side that were made for them. This is where their name comes from because if you tighten one with a wrench it will lock tightly into a position that then prevents any kind of loosening or slipping while being mounted onto your base
Double the strength of your bolts by adding steel washers to them. Slide a bolt with two washers through each pre-drilled hole and tighten it as hard as you can using a wrench for maximum tightness.
It’s time to get our feet off the ground before we’ve even set up camp. Start by flipping your tent and attaching brackets for ladders made just for that purpose on either side of the base where there are loops in-between each pole.
Makeshift ladder bracket can be secured to the mattress with washers and nuts if necessary.
To solve wobbling, tighten the jointing bolt by piercing through rubber washers to both ladder brackets and other sides with steel for a secure setup. Lock it up tight using nylock nut.
Tent covers are designed to protect your tent from the elements, and if you’re setting up a new one, they’ll also help keep it clean. The fabric slides through its rounded C-channel on both sides of the hinge before going into each side’s base – this will be at either end
After you have securely fastened the velcro straps to make sure your tent is safe and sound, zip-up each side of the cover so that it’s ready for mounting on top of a vehicle.
Grab the tent and slide it over your rack system. Adjust by sliding the bolts through, and then tighten up with a wrench to make sure everything is stable.
Then life one side of the tent and get all your bolts, screws (and any other equipment) to attach it up on its rack system. Repeat this for every corner until you have a sturdy base with which to construct your canvas palace!
In order to tighten your rack bars, get a steel mounting plate and some nylock nuts. Tighten them up by tightening the bolts from all sides of each bar in turn until they are secure on their own. Repeat this step periodically for extra security–the more screws you have holding it together, the better!
Insert rubber end caps on the mounting tracks to ensure these sharp ends should not hurt your fingers. These are pretty easy instructions, but it is important that you do so just in case!
Now, your rooftop tent is finally ready to live on the road with you!

Do I Really Need the Roof Rack to Mount a Roof Top Tent?

The guys were puzzled by this question being thrown at such a sensitive time. They had been stressing about the use of our roof rack to get that huge rooftop tent mounted on top of their vehicle, so we all took notice when he spoke up.

Not necessarily — Not all the rooftop tents require the roof racks to Mount.

A roof rack is a necessary accessory for the traveling adventurer, but not all vehicles are equipped with compatible mounting points. Luckily, there exists an alternative car top tent that mounts over the vehicle’s existing roof to save time and hassle!


Thus, this meets the conclusion part of how to mount a roof top tent revealing every single detail in a comprehensive way to ease down your hassle.

These easy-to-follow guides would never let you face any hurdle at the time of mounting a rooftop tent all by yourself. LOVED and appreciated by DIY enthusiasts, this is fun done professionally!