How To Go Camping During Lockdown

How To Go Camping During Lockdown? COVID-19 Secure Guidelines

The coronavirus has caused all summer plans to be effectively over for people around the world. Flights and cruises have been shut down, lockdowns implemented worldwide, and encouragement is given if not an outright requirement that everyone stay home. If you were hoping to go camping this time of year? You’re out of luck!

Camping in the US has been made difficult by new restrictions imposed by President. But before you decide to head out on a camping trip this summer, How to go Camping During Lockdown, makes sure that you plan ahead and know what is allowed at your campsite so that it goes smoothly!

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How to go Camping During Lockdown

There are some precautions How to going Camping During Lockdown

Is camping now safe despite the coronavirus? 

  • You may think that you’re immune to the coronavirus, but what if it’s just waiting for your body to succumb? The best way to make sure is by understanding all of the risks associated with traveling during a pandemic.
  • Camping is an activity that allows you to experience a natural outdoor environment and reconnect with friends. It’s something everyone has been missing, especially on social media! Campers are given ample space for them to practice social distancing from each other even if there may be many people in the area.
  • Tents are confined spaces, and you may not know which one might potentially be contaminated. It’s best to just avoid approaching tents foreign to you or your group altogether- the risk is too high of contracting an illness that way!
  • There is also the chance that campsite facilities such as bathrooms and showers will need to be shared, limiting social distancing in these areas.
  • The decision to camp outdoors is up to your own personal, best judgment. To aid in the process of making this difficult call for yourself and friends or family members you are with, make sure that there will be a campsite near where you live that follows their state’s guidelines as well so everyone has an enjoyable time!

Are face masks required for Camping During Lockdown

  • The World Health Organization and the US government strongly encourage you to wash your hands, but it is not required.
  • Washing one’s hands should be a priority during moments when social distancing isn’t possible – such as using the same facility as someone else. However, this practice is only encouraged by these organizations and governments; there are no hard guidelines or requirements in place for washing our hands with soap after every use of public facilities
  • It is unlikely that you will be wearing a mask while on your campsite, thanks to the distance implemented by camping groups in order to avoid cross-contamination. When relaxing around camp or hanging out in your tent for some peace and quiet, it’s not necessary!
  • It’s likely that if you are attending one of these outdoor parties as an attendee rather than working party staff—you won’t need a facemask at all. 
  • Campgrounds are now required to follow government regulations for safety against the coronavirus, and some campsites may require their own additional rules.
  • One of these is the mandatory use of face masks or coverings when using certain shared facilities so that you don’t risk infecting others while camping – even if your specific site does not state this rule in its list, it’s still a good idea to wear them just in case social distancing might be compromised!

How will campsites keep their guests safe? 

  • How to go Camping During Lockdown-Campsites have been following the ‘COVID-19 Secure’ guidelines to ensure safety for their guests. Some campsites are adhering to different social distancing guidelines, while others sanitize all used facilities on the clock when able in order to reduce COVID transmission rates.
  • Overall, many campgrounds have increased the distances required of tents and reduced the total number of tent sites available as a precaution against contagion within these spaces associated with camping culture
  • Some campsites may not be available during lockdowns for those looking to minimize contact with others. For instance, you might need special permission just to visit certain swimming pools or restaurants.
  • But before booking your stay in a place like this, make sure the details of their rules are clear and that they accommodate visitors who want less exposure to other people.
  • In order for guests at these campgrounds to have access on lockdown days without having any contact from outside sources, there will also be “contactless arrivals” where possible which means much less physical interaction between two individuals. 

How can I keep myself safe? [How to go Camping During Lockdown]

  • Other than your usual camping gear, it is also highly recommended to bring a few other necessities. Bring gloves and face masks for sanitizing; hand sanitizers will come in handy when you need them the most!
  • Make sure not to leave without first washing or sanitizing yourself after going outside of campgrounds so as to stay healthy while enjoying all that nature has to offer!
  • It would be wise too if you practice social distancing by staying away from those who are sick with colds or flu because this can further spread illness among everyone else.
  • Other than your regular camping equipment, make sure you pack some extras like disposable rubber gloves and facial masks which help keep germs at bay during outdoor activities like hiking through green woods.

How to go Camping During Lockdown? We’ll show you the best way to spend time outdoors during a lockdown. Follow the above instructions and tips when an emergency situation arises…