How To Get Burrs Out Of Hunting Clothes

How To Get Burrs Out Of Hunting Clothes

Have you ever had an experience like this? If so, then there is no need for alarm. The burrs that attach themselves to hunting clothes are small and harmless enough not even leave any mark on them after they fall off in a few hour’s time- which often happens because hunters don’t stick with the path when hiking through grassy areas or other brushwood where these pesky weeds can grow!

If you’re wearing burr-resistant clothes, the task doesn’t have to be time-consuming. However, unless it happens by chance and on purpose (which is rare), most people will get irritated skin from these tiny pieces of metal regardless of whether they are in your pocket or stuck beneath a shoe.

How to get Burrs out of Hunting clothes, Removing burrs from your clothing is an important part of being prepared for the outdoors. You should always be careful when removing them because that way you’ll avoid any irritation or itching later on down the line!

The process takes some time to learn but once perfected can save valuable supplies in survival situations where there’s no access to clean laundry facilities like at home

Below I’ll cover my own personal method of doing it, as well as provide tips such as what tools are best suited towards getting these pesky things outta cloth.

How to get Burrs out of Hunting clothes

How to remove burrs from hunting clothes – The best method

To soak the clothes, soak them in water

If you have clothes with stickers, like burrs on your jeans that are embedded in the material and can’t be removed by hand washing alone then there is a solution. Place those pesky garments into a bucket filled with water mixed with 50% detergent to get them out more easily!
If you’re too impatient to let them soak, then put your clothes straight into a washing machine. However, there is always the risk that burrs from pesky stones will get stuck in filter pores and clog up all of its good intentions!
How to get Burrs out of Hunting clothes – To remove the burrs from your clothes, make sure you have a delicate setting and use hot water. The swirling motion will relax spikes on fabrics so they’re easier to pull out without tearing fabric or ripping seams!
That’s one way of getting the burrs off your clothes! I always hang mine because it seems easier, but if you don’t want any more on there then this is for sure going to work. Plus with some gentle shaking and rolling in between cycles (or just after), all will come out nicely without even leaving behind ugly shavings like what happened last time when I tried using my regular methods against these little buggers!”

A comb is useful

After the clothes have been washed and dried, place them on a flat surface. You will need to use your fine-tooth comb in order not to damage any material with sharp objects like metal or plastic because it is gentler than using an ordinary hairbrush would be for this task!
Although there are products available such as lint removers which could work if you do not already possess one; just make sure that whatever tool/object to put forth has no blades at all— razor blades wouldn’t even come close enough where we’re going here so don’t bother trying out those ideas either.
Be very careful when you are cutting your fabric so that the burr does not get removed, but only if its spikes break off and remain in clothes. You must also be patient – otherwise, it will stretch or damage whatever was sewn together with this material due to stretching effects from normal wear-and-tear over time.
The burrs are trapped on the comb. Flick it upwards and use a tissue or wear special gloves to place them in an open plastic bag for disposal! If your clothing is really sensitive, don’t bother with this step – just get tweezers instead.

The Duct Tape

Duct tape is an all-purpose tool that can be used to fix just about anything. It’s also very useful for getting burrs out of clothes, especially any leftover spikes from when you tried on your new outfit before leaving home in case there was still some lurking below the surface!
Taking off the duct tape in one swift motion, you can be sure that it will avoid any unwanted burrs.
Don’t forget to repeat this process with the clothing inside out because those spikes tend to imbed themselves quite deeply into fabric, and you’ll avoid any itching or irritation when wearing your clothes next time.

Putty Tweezers

It is possible that despite our best efforts, some burrs still leave spines behind. We will have to run the clothes through a lint roller and tweezers if this happens so we can remove them from your clothing with care.
Do not forget: In order for these methods to work their absolute finest they should be used inside-out as well!

Removal Tools for Burrs

No matter where you are, there’s an easy way to remove burrs from clothing. The tools made especially for this purpose come in handy when working outdoors and work well even with tough fabrics!
There are so many tools out there that it’s hard to know where you should start! I would suggest taking some time and seeing which ones work for your needs.


I’m sure after reading How to get Burrs out of Hunting clothes As a result, you’re probably looking for burr-resistant clothes.

If you’re hiking with pets, make sure they wear their ID tags and have access to clean water at all times! Pets can get stuck in burrs too.

Picking out those pesky little choking hazard hairs has been known as one of the most difficult things pet owners ever do–and we don’t want our furry friends enduring that struggle so animals like turtles aren’t forced into such a situation either.