How To Deflate And Pack Away An Inflatable Tent

How To Deflate And Pack Away An Inflatable Tent? Easy camping Guide

How to Deflate and Pack Away an Inflatable Tent? The answer is very simple. “You can get some really cool inflatable family tents these days”. Some are huge! It’s amazing how much the tubes can hold and they’re lighter than ever before, thanks to new high-pressure technology that makes them more durable for travel purposes.

Why Inflatable Tents can be Difficult to Put Away

Why do we always have to struggle with getting our inflatable tents back in the bag? It’s a nightmare, especially if it’s of the larger variety. Thankfully, there are some workarounds out there that make your life much easier. One idea is storing poles separately– this will give you more space and lighten up on your load!

Tent poles can be quite heavy, which is why many air-framed tents don’t have them. They’re usually only used for porch shelters over the entrance or canopy frames anyway, so as long you remember to bring a separate bag with your tent poles when going camping it’s really not much of an issue at all!

It’s always a challenge getting large polyester tents back in their bag. That’s because air gets trapped inside them and makes it difficult to roll up the tent as tightly as you need to so that it will fit easily into its carrying case.

However, with inflatable tents, this problem is even worse since now there are also narrow pipes which the air has been forced through during inflation; these make rolling-up much more challenging too!

How to Deflate and Pack Away an Inflatable Tent

Step by Step Process How to Deflate and Pack Away an Inflatable Tent

Here’s a simple Step-step process that we’ve found helps get an inflatable tent back in its bag.

Open all the Doors before Deflating.

This easy step can be forgotten in the rush to pack up your tent, but zipping all of its doors will help make sure there’s less chance that air gets trapped inside.

Open the valves and let your Tent Deflate.

Open the air values and deflate the tent.

Walk the Air Tubes WITH CAUTION !!

This is a technique we introduced this year, and if you do it with extreme caution, I would not recommend doing so. It could even invalidate any warranty on your tent!
Basically, what we’re going to do is put our shoes off and carefully walk down the air tubes in the direction of the open valve.
The Smart Air technology makes folding up your tent much faster and easier. All you need to do is check for the isolation valves before starting, which are typically found in all modern-day tents that have not been opened yet.
If any of these valves are closed or missing, air will still be trapped inside those cross-bracing beams – so it’s important to make sure they’re open!

Start Folding the Tent

We used to fold and roll the tent lengthways. However, with inflatable tents now a part of our lives it’s best not to follow that trend anymore!
Instead, place your bag down next to you’re folded-up tent so they are essentially touching one another—then start rolling them towards the open valves on either end.
This will make packing much easier as well as save you space in case there is a limited storage room for camping essentials back at home.

Roll the Tent How to Deflate and Pack Away an Inflatable Tent

You can use a few tent poles to help roll up your canopy and pack it away. As you roll the outer layer of fabric, try putting some weight on top as well so that air is forced out from between the layers.
Continue rolling until you reach one side with handles which should be placed in a bag for transport!

Re-roll, if Required

If you’re lucky, the rolled-up tent will be the perfect size on your first attempt.
Chances are though, there’s still a bit too much air left in it. Do a quick re-roll to take care of that problem and make sure your next camping trip is as easy as possible!

Tie up the Rolled-up Tent

The first time you set up your tent, chances are there were fancy ribbons and straps tied around the opening.
You didn’t throw them out, did you? Now is the perfect chance to use those ribbon loops for keeping all of your gear bundled tight!.

Get your Tent back in its Bag

By now, you should have a bundle that will fit into its bag.
we can simply roll the bundle into the bag. Some other tents need to be “dropped” inside of their bags- but don’t do it!
Instead, start at one end and work your way over half of the tent before turning it upside down so that you can pull in more easily from there on out.

Keep Trying – How to Deflate and Pack Away an Inflatable Tent

It’s always a pain when you can’t get your tent back in its bag. If you follow these simple steps, you will hopefully get your tent back in its bag.
It is always a struggle to set up the tents, but sometimes we feel like they’re not cooperating. Sometimes it takes two or three tries before you get them just right!