How To Clean A Large Tent

How To Clean A Large Tent? Beginner Camping Guide

When you return home after spending a weekend with Nature, it is crucial to keep the tent free of dirt and grime. The dirty tent can cause you a lot of trouble, making the zipper not work and you feel a bad odor. Therefore, here is a question that comes to your mind, How To Clean A Large Tent?

Cleaning up large tents may seem like a daunting task for various people, but it’s not as difficult as you might think. Here are a few things you need before How To Clean A Large Tent.

What Should I Use to Clean My Tent?

  • One Bucket
  • Lukewarm Water Solution
  • One Hose
  • One Sponge
  • Mild Soap Free from Strong Chemicals

Here are five essentials you must have, especially before cleaning any large tent. Using it, you can clean your tent from dirt, debris, odors, etc., by following some steps, which will be explained below.

Essential Steps to Clean a big Canopy

As you know, sensitive materials are used to make a tent, so each tent comes with its unique feature. Therefore, whenever you are cleaning a tent, there are some steps to follow to keep the tent in its original condition and not damage it.

Choose Flat Working Surface- How to Clean a Large Tent

The first step that is very important is to choose a smooth surface and not a concrete surface whenever you are looking for a place to clean the teepee. Selecting a flat surface will keep your canopy from rubbing against the ground, which will keep it safe during cleaning.

Conversely, if you choose land for cleaning in which you see many edges, etc., it increases the risk that your teepee may be damaged. To avoid the tent’s chance of getting damaged, be sure to use a trap when cleaning the tent.

Wash Your Canopy Using Cold Water with Hands

When dirt and grime get attached to your tent during camping, it is removed by hand using lukewarm water or cold water to separate it from the tent. Detergent can be used to clean, but before reading the instruction about using the detergent that is free from strong chemicals.

Using water, apply light pressure to the debris or dirt with your hands to separate it from the tent’s outside and inside. Use a damp sponge to further improve the cleaning process after hand pressure. It will allow you to separate the teepee poles from the mud and salty water. Finally, repeat this process until your tent is completely clean.

Pro Tip: When cleaning a Canopy, if you are using a mild cleaning solution to clean up debris, dirt, etc., be sure to test it on a specific area first. During the test, you will know if it is good or bad for the tent, and then you can clean the canopy by repeating this process.

Make Sure Canopy is Dry as a Bone

After thoroughly cleaning the canopy from dirt, debris, and odors, it is now time to dry it before storing it. If your canopy stays damp for too long and gets wet, it will become more prone to mildew or rot and may be harder to remove later. That’s why if you don’t dry it on time, you’ll find the tent smelly and moldy during your next camping trip.

The best and most natural way to remove any tent from moisture is to leave the entire canopy door open and place it in the sun. Conversely, if it’s raining, then hang out this tent from something inside your garage. Let this process go on for a few hours until all the water has come out of this tent, and it is scorched as a bone.

Properly Store Your Large Canopy

Now that you have thoroughly cleaned the teepee and dried it, it is time to store it properly. Once dry, try your best to wrap the teepee in a layer that keeps the air flowing inside and does not damage the poles. Now, store the large canopy after cleaning it inside the breathable and loose area. The advantage of placing it in such a place is that all the tent’s material stays in the airflow, which does not cause any mold.

Make sure that your teepee is not stored in humid areas, like an outdoor garage, etc.

How to Deeply Clean a Large Canopy?

If your tent is still not completely clean after using water and detergent, it needs a deep cleaning. For deep cleaning, an enzyme cleaner removes the mildew on the canopy and protects it from odors. Here are some steps you can take to accomplish the goal of deep cleaning better.

Apply Pine or Alcohol Based Soaps on Canopy

You can use alcohol-based oil or mineral oil to remove mildew and odor from the top of a particular tent area. Make sure is not to over-scrub more than once on the canopy. It can cause it to malfunction, and after repeating this process for a while, remove all the dirt and debris.

Make the Zipper Run Smoothly

After great camping in Nature with your family, when you bring a dirty teepee home, there is mud on its zipper. Use a toothbrush to clean the zipper specifically, and after scrubbing it on the zipper’s teeth, you can separate it from odors, dirt, debris, and saltwater.

Clean Dirt, Sand, and Salt Poles

As you know, when you fix a teepee on the ground during camping, its poles get dirty and salty. Therefore, you can use old scrap paper or rags to clean the poles better. After rubbing them on the poles, you can remove all the dirt and debris, etc., easily.


Hope you are aware of how to clean a large tent? And how to make the canopy free from dirt, debris, salt, etc. By following all of the above methods, you can easily clean up a large teepee and get it ready for your next camping trip.

Finally, hope the How To Clean A Large Tent guide proves to be helpful for you, and you can quickly get the method to clean the canopy and make it free from dirt, debris, and odor.

How To Clean A Large Tent


Can I Put My Tent in the Washing Machine?

The answer is no because the Canopy is made of sensitive materials You can also see poles inside this teepee. If you put them inside the washing machine and clean them, there is a risk of the poles breaking and molding the material.

How Do You Clean a Stinky Canopy?

The best way to clean the stinky teepee is to spray the 50/50 vinegar solution to the entire tent and wash it. Rub this solution on the tent gently and make sure that it does not rub away the tent’s waterproof coating. The critical thing to keep in mind is don’t use bleach because it will destroy the waterproof layer.

How Long Should You Air Out a Canopy?

Let your tent in the air for around 2-3 days until all the water and forest debris can grime out from the tent. By following this process, the odor of the teepee quickly blows away in the breeze.

Can You Put a Canopy Carpet in the Washing Machine?

As you know, the tent’s carpet looks pretty grubby, but conversely, you can easily clean this tent without any hesitation. However, if you are thinking about washing the tent carpet inside the washing machine, it will effectively destroy the carpet.

Can you Clean a Mouldy Canopy?

Using the vinegar solution, use a soft brush scrub on it lightly, and you can also get the solution of salt, lemon, and hot water. The important thing to keep in mind that don’t use bleach and detergent soap is the harsh chemicals.