Fun Camping Activities For Adults

Fun Camping Activities For Adults

It’s amazing how much I can see just from my tent. There is a beautiful sunset and stars sparkling up above me as if they were guiding us on this Fun Camping Activities For Adults!

Camping is a great way to get away from the daily grind and create memories that will last forever. Reach your limit at our campsite by building an awesome fire, s’mores making contest, or singing in a camp circle!

Camping is a great way to spend time with your friends. Here are some activities that will keep the whole trip packed with fun and enjoyment!

There is a lot to do when you camp. Did your friends say they wanted some physical activity? Well, there are plenty of activities for those who want more than just sitting around the fire and singing songs!

But if that’s not what you’re looking forward to then don’t worry because our list has 6 different categories for Fun Camping Activities For Adults with everything from hiking trails in nature preserves to paintballing sessions out at an abandoned airfield – all geared towards meeting everyone’s individual tastes and preferences.

There are so many ways to have fun in the great outdoors! No matter what your camping style or interests may be, these 60 activities will leave everyone smiling from ear to ear.

Fun Camping Activities For Adults

Keep Your Kids Happy at Camp – Fun Camping Activities For Adults

Capture the Flag:  

Capture the flag is not only a classic game that can be fun for all ages, but also as simple or complicated depending on how many players there are. The more people playing in your group and their age range will affect what type of rules you have set up!

Water Gun / Water Balloon Fight:  

A great camping activity is playing in the water. I hope you don’t forget this can be an awesome game for all ages, young or old! Throwing a balloon with water inside always puts on that big smile across everyone’s face.

Ring Toss:  

Ring Toss is an outdoor game that doesn’t require much time or effort to play. You need only one of three things: rings, a target stake/stick, and people willing to have some fun!

The rules are simple – whoever gets the nearest ring closest without touching another goes first. If two players tie then they both take turns throwing until someone scores points according to their score in minutes (1 minute per point). The last person standing wins.

Bubble Mania:  

Spending time with your kids is the best way to inspire them. Bubble mania can be a real mess, but when you take it outside and into nature everything seems so much more manageable! We recommend bringing as many bubble supplies that will make for endless hours of fun in any environment – there’s no such thing at campgrounds as “too few bubbles.”

It doesn’t matter if all our friends are inside playing video games because we’ll have each other anyway; I guarantee these days’ trips won’t just fly by unnoticed if everyone has their fill from blowing soap.


The great outdoors is the perfect place to play hide-and-seek. There are so many places in nature that offer a good hiding spot, like trees or bushes for instance! If you’re playing with little ones it’s important to set boundaries and safety rules while they’re out there too though – make sure everyone knows what can happen if someone gets hurt by accidentally stepping on something sharp (or worse)!

Nerf Gun Target Practice: 

Kids will be entertained for hours with this fun activity. All you need is a NERF gun and some type of target to shoot at! For an easy way to create that, use empty toilet paper holders or 20-ounce plastic bottles as your go-to material in front of something like the house screen door where rain can’t get through easily so they stay dry all day long (remember not too close though).

Firewood Scavenger Hunt:

Camping is a great way to teach kids how to work as part of a team, but oftentimes they want more than just hanging out by the campfire. That’s why one necessary activity that can be turned into an awesome game for them is collecting firewood- because when you’re done with your pile it’ll make perfect kindling!

Even if bringing pre-cut wood on-site at all times doesn’t interest any member in your party there should still always be time during which each person tries their hardest to get themselves some extra branches so we have enough fuel once our supplies run low or end up being burnt toast due to too high heat levels.

Flashlight Tag:

Flashlight tag is one of the most fun games to play in dark and there’s never been a junior camper that doesn’t love holding their flashlight. However, when you combine it with hide-and-seek this game takes on an entirely new level because not only are they looking for others but also trying to find hidden stashes or items around them!

There has never been such exhilarating excitement as playing “flashlight” Tag outside at night – especially if your objective isn’t just getting away from someone else so much as finding where all sorts of goodies might be lurking around; like secret hiding places or other players’ lost gear while being hunted down by lightsabers (of course!).

Bean Bag Toss:

Bean bag toss is a classic game that anyone can enjoy. The only thing you’ll need for this activity is bean bags! Of course, anything else like other games or activities to make your camping experience more enjoyable might be helpful too but they’re not necessary in order to play the simplest and most fun outdoor sports ever invented: Bean Bag Tossing.

Nature Scavenger Hunt:  

One of the best ways to get kids involved in their surroundings is a nature scavenger hunt. To play, create an inventory list for items found within natural environments and send them out into this designated area without telling them where it may be located or how far away from home they should go looking – let’s see what you can find!

Outdoor Sports – Fun Camping Activities For Adults

The catch:  

Catching a ball is not just for children. Whether you are playing catch with your friends or family, this simple sporting activity can be enjoyed by all ages and skill levels!


The best way to cure any cabin fever is by getting everyone involved in an active game. All you need for this Kickball tournament are four bases and a ball!


The Badminton game is a fun way to get everyone involved. You can play in multiplayer variations that will allow every camper the opportunity for some shut-eye while they wait their turn because when one person’s out it doesn’t take long before there’s another ready and waiting.

LED Shuttlecocks from Outlensportz if you’re looking for an even more exciting experience at your campsite next summer season – guaranteed hours of entertainment with only seconds on each side!!


It’s time to set up your volleyball court and get this game started! It is a great way for everyone in the family, including kids of all ages (even little ones), can participate.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an ex-varsity player or just looking forward to having some fun – everyone will enjoy playing with their friends on one team again 🙂

Touch Football:  

Touch football is a simple, minimalistic game that will leave you entertained for hours on end. All the equipment required can be packed in just one bag and its high fun value makes it perfect as an outdoor activity during summertime camping trips.


With the World Cup coming up, it’s about time for soccer fans to start preparing for their camping trip.

Camping is one of many popular activities in America that people go out there just because they love this sport so much and want nothing more than an all-encompassing experience together with their teammates on game-day morning!

Bike Races:  

The best part about bike racing in your campground is that it’s totally free! You don’t need any equipment at all, and there’s no time limit on how long each race lasts.

The only thing required is two people who want some friendly competition – which means you might just find yourself with new friends after the races end too since many racers participate as couples or family members take turns driving them around during this fun event for everyone involved!

Trail Running:  

Trail running is a great way to get an intense workout and experience the outdoors. Not only will you be force-fed with challenging trails, but running through tranquil forests or along the beachfront can also provide some much-needed peace of mind for those who are looking to escape from life on their own terms!

Ultimate Frisbee:  

Ultimate Frisbee is a lot like regular old-fashioned frisbee, but with added twists. Ultimate players can spin and jump around knowing that they will never get tackled out of bounds!

Tug of War:  

This camping sport is for those who love getting outside and being active. No matter your fitness level, this will be an enjoyable experience with plenty of opportunities to get involved!

Campers of All Skill Levels Will Find a Variety of Adventures


Hiking is an activity that allows people to get out and experience nature, without any of the hassles. Trail hiking provides a new perspective on what could be around every bend in your path!

A great place for those looking into camping adventure activities should start with trail hikes so they can find something different each time before venturing off-trail or onto unfamiliar territory

Wildlife Discovery:  

You will never forget the first time you see a bear, or even better yet- get up close. It’s an experience that can only be had by being in their presence!

Live out your wildest camping fantasies with this activity and enjoy nature at its finest.

Mountain Biking:  

The thrill of mountain biking is enough to make your heart race and the excitement level up. Make sure you don’t forget about checking with local authorities before hitting trails though that are only for foot traffic, not bikes!

Rope Swing:  

The rope swing is a fun way to get up close and personal with nature. A little bit of caution should be exercised when swinging, but those, looking adventurers will find plenty in this camping activity!

Kayaking / Canoeing:  

Kayaking is a great way to get everyone involved at the campsite that might be looking for some fun and excitement on the water. There’s nothing like kayak fishing or canoe camping!


Caves are usually found near a campground. The caves can be explored and discovered, but they also have the potential for danger so it is important to take some safety precautions when exploring these wonderlands beneath us all!

A good way of getting over your fear would be by going through an introduction course beforehand or taking part in guided caving tours where someone else will go ahead with you while carrying lamps that provide light down into dimly lit areas like mine shafts – which may require more than just one person alone is able to make their way back out again if something happens unexpectedly.

Nature Hunt:  

A nature hunt is an activity in which you search for items found within the natural environment. This can include interesting rocks, flowers, or leaves; anything unusual!

A great way to get away from your everyday routine and explore new things- with a little bit of excitement thrown into it too because who doesn’t enjoy being on edge sometimes?

Horseback Riding:  

Horseback riding is a great way to get out into nature and enjoy its beauty. As you ride your horse through the open fields, listen closely for animals in distress or simply take their time getting somewhere on two legs!

Riding horses can be an invigorating adventure not just for children but also for adults who want something different from everyday life experiences like camping trips while still staying safe during inclement weather conditions


Snorkeling is an amazing activity to get up close and personal with the ocean. You can explore local springs, rivers, or any other body of water around your campsite!

Guided Tours:  

Campsites near historical and interesting attractions are a great way to take in more than you ever would on your own. Organized guided tours allow the opportunity to learn about faraway places that might otherwise go unnoticed, as well as explore them firsthand!

Enjoy the Outdoors while Minimizing the Impact on the Environment


Charades is a fun and engaging game that takes place all around the campfire. The players act out what they think their opponent would say, then try to guess clues from these words or phrases without saying them themselves! It’s an awesome way to make friends at any gathering because of how simple it can be for anyone in your group (even strangers)to join along with no prior training needed – just bring yourselves!

The best part about this classic outdoor pastime: is there are few requirements whatsoever; you’ll need only yourself as participants and something small enough written on cardstock paper such as masking tape.

Campfire Songs:  

Group signing might be the perfect way to bring people together. A group of friends can get everyone smiling with just one little acoustic guitar performance!

Campfire Stories / Ghost Stories:  

Telling stories around the campfire goes back as long ago and far away.

A storyteller is a person with enough imagination to make anything sound interesting, even if it’s not! There has been extensive research done on exactly what makes people enjoy listening to others tell their tales; one study found that they are often engines of creativity themselves in addition to seeing into another world through someone else’s eyes – which may be why we love hearing from them so much (especially at night!).


It’s nearly impossible to have a good time at camp without roasting some marshmallows and making s’mores.


Fishing is one of the most classic activities when it comes to camping. Not only does anyone can do it with practice but everyone feels that excitement as soon as you feel a tug on your line!

Rock Skipping:  

The only things needed for this fun camping activity are a handful of flat rocks and an open body of water. And you can go as long into the night as your courage allows, because with every new stone that rolls across these waters our story grows taller- one rock at a time!

Get Social:  

Camping can be a great venue to socialize and meet new people. Those daily excuses like I am too busy or there’s too much going on fade away while camping, so enjoys the company of your campmates! Make some friends in those tent cabins this summer- we’re all going out into nature together after all 😉

Horseshoes / Cornhole:  

For those campers looking for some fun, these two games are a must-play.

Camping Bingo:  

This is a great game to play that doesn’t require any prep time and can be fun for all ages. It’s just like playing catch with your friends, but there are no stakes!

Bird Watching:  

Want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life? Try bird watching! It’s an activity that lets you appreciate the wildlife around your campsite.

Whenever the Weather turns South, Campers do these Activities

Card Games:  

Some great choices for card games while camping includes UNO, Go Fish, and War. For an added challenge try sitting in a circle with your friends on opposite sides of the fire pit or out back by themselves!

Board Games:  

There are many fun board games you can play while camping. Some great choices include Checkers, Monopoly, and Sorry!


Reading is a great way to while away the hours when you are reading an engaging book. Whether it’s on vacation, camping with friends and family, or just sitting at home by yourself – there is no better time than now!


Another fun activity when the weather turns South outside is journaling.  Journaling can be a great way to clear your mind and express feelings that you may not otherwise get out in other activities such as writing down what’s bugging, sad or happy thoughts at any given time of day so they don’t pile up inside!

Truth or Dare:  

It may not sound like the most exciting game in existence, but I bet you can’t wait to try this once it starts raining! When we’re stuck inside our tents on rainy days and need something fun for us all to do together this might be a good option.

Rainy Weather Hike:  

The rain can make for a great hiking experience as long you’re an active person. Hiking in the pouring down liquid allows one to see how strong they are against nature’s elements and offers up new perspectives on what it means “to be alive.”

Puddle Splashing Contest:  

The best way to spend a rainy afternoon is by turning all those puddles outside into an exciting game. You’ll have tons of fun trying out various techniques for making the biggest splash, and your kids will love you forever!


I was excited to find out that a tarp or piece of plastic in the rain can be turned into an exciting water slide. All you need is some creativity and persuasion, then we’ll connect it with our rainy day!


Make your camping trip even more customized with some great ideas for crafting. You can make a walking stick, necklace, or knot tying skills that will give it an individual touch and help you stay in style while hiking through the wilderness!

I Spy:  

One fun way to alleviate camping boredom when the weather forces everyone inside is with an I Spy game. With so much time spent outside, it’s important that we find ways for our children and adults alike have something exciting in their lives while they’re stuck at home or on vacation! One such idea can be found by playing this simple but challenging brain teaser which stimulates both sides of your brain (hemisphere).


The great outdoors is a perfect place for meditation. With the practice and art of meditating in nature, you can find total peace that will last all day long!


It’s amazing how much more peaceful and relaxing camping is than any other activity. You can catch up on some extra sleep, which is great because that will make it easier for you the next day!

Cloud Watching:  

I don’t know about you, but the way that clouds drift by in an open field would make for some of my best memories. All we need to do now is find a place with no distractions and lie back – this may take us away from reality sometimes so just close your eyes if they start bothering or hurting!


Stargazing is a great way to unwind after you’ve had enough time outside. With all that darkness, it’s hard not to get lost in thoughts of what might be out there—and our minds need some relaxation too!


A hammock is a great place to relax and unwind. If you find yourself lucky enough, once in your relaxing spot that it’s quiet with stars above as well as below for company then this post has been written just for you!

Slow Strolls Through Nature:  

There’s nothing like the feeling you get when nature calls to your senses. Taking a leisurely stroll through fields and forests, pausing every now then for just one minute in order to take everything around into yourself; Nature does this so well!

It really is amazing how such simplicity can have such therapeutic properties on people who appreciate its natural beauty as we all should do from time to time because life would lose something important if not put it first sometimes too often.

Listen to Nature:  

Close your eyes and let the sounds of nature envelope you. Drift off into a state of tranquility as if encircled by angels, feeling at one with this world around us all too briefly before we must return to it again…

Night Walk:  

Waking up to the soothing sounds of nature is a great way to start your day. Couples enjoy walking during daylight hours, but if you have time at night I recommend taking this opportunity for some moonlit strolling or starlight roving through forests far from city lights!

Campfire Cooking:  

Campfire cooking is far from the rushed day-to-day life of instant this and microwaved that. The great thing about camping is that everything slows down including an opportunity to get back into simpler times by using slow cookers over campfires!

Photographing / Sketching Nature:  

When you go camping, make sure to bring your camera and sketchbook. You’ll have the perfect opportunity for some artistic inspiration!