Enjoying Camping After Dark

Enjoying Camping After Dark -Fun Lighting| Tents Vela

For many kids, one of the highlights when camping is staying up late and being out in the dark. This allows them to experience something different from a usual day at home where they are usually tucked away before bedtime.

One of the most important parts of camping is having a campfire. It provides great ambiance and heat, but it can be hard to make one sometimes and not all campsites have them. Luckily there are other ways of Enjoying Camping after Dark to light your site without a fire like with flashlights or lanterns!

The campfire is the champion of all outdoor lighting. But there are other sources that can create a more cheerful atmosphere and get your family excited about camping out under the stars.

Some Fun Lightings for next Camping trip – Enjoying Camping After Dark

Enjoying Camping after Dark

Tea Light Lanterns

The Tea light lanterns provide a safe way to get that warm-light atmosphere and can be easily hung from windbreaks and tarp shelters. They are perfect for those looking to cozy up in style on chilly summer nights!

We love to set a warm welcome for our camp by hanging tea light lanterns. They are also perfect on the table, or even hung from poles around the campsite!

You’ll enjoy sitting on the porch with a drink in hand and citronella candles around you. With your outdoor lanterns keeping flies away, there is no need to worry about accidental fire or blowing out of control flames from a stray gust of wind. Enjoy peace without worrying!

LED Lighting – Enjoying Camping After Dark

Solar-powered lights provide you with a practical and durable way to light your tent. Lots of fun designs that will brighten up any space!

One great way to add some fun and creativity to your camping trip is by using LED lights that can be charged with solar power. You’ll find all sorts of designs available, from hanging them up around the tent entrance or under a tarp shelter – even inside the tent for an added glow!

Lights for Kids – Enjoying Camping After Dark

Camping is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, but some people may be afraid of things that go bump in the night. Any child scared by darkness can be reassured while still experiencing all of what camping has to offer with this tent’s sophisticated lighting system.

As your child is trying to sleep, give them a sense of security. We always try and take some glow sticks with us when we’re camping because they provide light but also add to the fun! Both wrist bracelets are great for this since their large lanyard will keep it close by all night long so you don’t have to worry about losing one or having any accidents at night.

Besides being fun for the kids and providing some extra peace of mind, lights are also a useful tool on large campsites or in busy areas where it is easy to lose sight of your child. Many parents enjoy using these as they can see their children more clearly at night while others will be able to spot them too. These new glowing balloons make great after-dark entertainment; with an LED inside that illuminates the balloon’s colors when you squeeze it!

Save those Sparklers

We keep some sparklers back from bonfire night and sometimes take them to camp. In addition, these small fireworks are a great way for adults to enjoy their childhood fantasies of camping without the worries that come with them.

LED Tent Pegs

You can avoid tripping up your tent lines with this simple contraption, the lighted pegs. They are positioned at the entrance of a tent and come in handy for safety to help you not trip over any line. You may also enjoy decorating them as runway lights in your own personal space!

Chinese Lanterns – A Big NO

Chinese lanterns are a fun way to add color and ambiance in the evening. But before you head out, know that they can be dangerous as well! There have been documented cases of these floating lights setting tents on fire or even killing livestock with frames made from metal when it falls after dark into fields where animals happen to graze.

Putting it to the Test

The white LED lights were so bright that we could see in the dark. We picked up a few of those star-shaped solar-powered lanterns and after our first night out-of-doors with them, they did not disappoint! The springtime skies are short days (sunset 4 pm) but these little guys had no problem staying lit all evening long.

As soon as the sunset, these lights lit up. There are different modes to choose from and you can even select just one if that’s what floats your boat! We brought them into our tent because they would provide a great source of light for the kids who were going to sleep in there later on (and not only did they stay illuminated all night but we also bought some amazing glowing balloons which proved handy when it came time for bed).


Q. What are some things to do while camping after dark?

A.There are many fun activities that can be enjoyed while camping after dark. Some popular options include telling stories around the campfire, roasting marshmallows, making s’mores, star gazing, and exploring the nighttime forest sounds.

Q. How can I stay safe while camping after dark?

A. Make sure you have a fully charged cell phone with you in case of an emergency. it’s a good idea to let someone know your camping plans and itinerary before heading out so that they can check in on you.

Q. What should I pack for camping after dark?

A.Some essential items include a flashlight or headlamp, extra batteries, matches for the campfire, insect repellent, sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses.

Q. What should I wear while camping after dark?

A.Some good options include wearing comfortable clothing that is appropriate for the temperature and weather conditions, as well as layers to keep you warm at night.

Q. What are some fun activities for camping after dark?

A. Many fun activities can be enjoyed while camping after dark. Some popular options include telling stories around the campfire, roasting marshmallows, making s’mores, star gazing, and exploring the nighttime forest sounds.