Creating A Camp Kitchen

Creating A Camp Kitchen

It’s great to be camping, but you don’t want the whole campsite smelling like bacon! Make sure that you creating a camp kitchen that has somewhere for cooking and eating away from where we sleep.

It seems pretty obvious: cook food far away from where you’re sleeping so it doesn’t smell like everything in our tent.

Why you Need a Camp kitchen

If you have good weather, the only cooking tool you need is a gas stove. The best thing you can do for yourself is to get the right gear to make things easier.

Camping is a great way to lead an adventurous life and make memories with your family. Just make sure you have the gear for camping!

If we want our adventure-seeking families to spend more time outdoors, then it’s important that we equip them properly.

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Don’t Cook in your Tent

Did you know that cooking in a tent can be dangerous? You may have plenty of space to cook inside your tent but don’t. Stay safe and camp out the old-fashioned way with food brought from home!

  • No matter how much fire retardant fabric a tent may have, there will always be some risk of it catching on fire.
  • Tents are made for sleeping not cooking. Using your tent as a kitchen could lead to an unpleasant surprise, like dampness or carbon monoxide build-up.
  • If you’re cooking inside your tent, be sure not to cook on the ground where grease can ruin the fabric or water-resistant coating of your tent.
  • If you have a gas stove, keep your canisters outside of the tent to avoid any negative incidents.

There are a few exceptions, and sometimes you can cook in an open canopy extension. Some tents have special cooking pods with added ventilation to keep the food from smelling up your tent too much!

If you are looking to set up a camp kitchen outside of your tent, there is no need for an expensive specialized piece. In fact – with some creativity and elbow grease- any old outdoor surface can be transformed into the perfect cooking space!

The Camp Kitchen Shelter

A kitchen shelter is the first essential in all camping trips. This often consists of erecting a large tarp to act as an overhead covering and locking it down with long stakes or ropes that are anchored into the ground.

Creating a Camp Kitchen Shelter with a Tarp

Tarps are one of the best ways to protect yourself from bad weather while camping. Depending on your needs and layout, you can configure a tarp in many different layouts. We often use tarps outside our tent when it rains so we don’t get wet!

Don’t Forget a Wind Break

One of the most important aspects of creating a safe and comfortable shelter is to create an enclosure that serves as protection against wind. Windbreaks can keep strong gusts from whipping up dirt near your cooking area, which saves fuel used for stoves but also helps protect little explorers who may be curious about what you’re making in there!

Setting up your Cooking Area

So you’re a chef who enjoys cooking? Well, congratulations! Cooking is the best way to keep your shelter maintained and in tip-top form.

Creating A Camp Kitchen

Gas Camping Stove

  • Campers for many years using just a simple single hob stove and would do so by building our own fire before dinner. It was not always easy, but we did it without any problems at all!
  • Gas stoves are the easiest to use, with only two knobs that control temperature. However, families might find it difficult to choose a gas stove due to the low kitchen counter space or the unusual shape of their home.

Using a Fire Pit

One of the best things about camping is cooking food. In some campsites, campfires are not allowed and in others, they will usually insist on fire off the ground so as to prevent any forest fires.

A Dutch oven is a great way to cook, especially if you don’t want the cooking smells lingering on your tarp. A fire pit or grill can be used as an excellent place for preparing food in this type of vessel and provides ample protection from the rain with large flames that burn upwards rather than downwards into coals below.

If you use something like this fire pit for a small BBQ and your tarp is high enough, you could see how cooking under the protection of an outdoor kitchen would be beneficial. You can keep mosquitos out by using smoke as a natural insect repellent!

Kitchen Storage & Tables

Consider where you could store your kitchen goods. Do you have a cupboard, or can they be stored in the pantry? If not, there are plenty of options from which to choose- some that require little space and others for those with more room at their disposal. For instance:
You might want to consider installing storage drawers under your counter–these cabinets slide out on rails so everything is easily accessible and take up minimal space! You may also find it handy having one drawer just for pots and pans while another holds utensils like spatulas, whisks, etc., as well as other items commonly used around the stove such as oil bottles or salt shakers.

The Kitchen Table

A gas stove is a lot of work and the place that you put it needs to be sturdy enough. You’ll need an adequate surface for preparing food too – preferably with plenty of space so you can cook as well as set up your hot plates while still serving up dishes! There are many different ways to Creating a Camp Kitchen table designs available nowadays; some even come complete with windshields (an added bonus)!

The table has many uses other than as a place for cooking, so you can save space in your kitchen and have the convenience of storing food when it’s not being used.

Kitchen Store

Kitchen Storer is the perfect kit for all your camping needs. It can hold plates, cups, and cutlery as well as kitchen supplies like tea towels and washing sponges.

Cold Storage

We have three different cool boxes. One is used regularly and the other two we use depending on our camp or journey needs! We avoid having an electric hookup by using a really good cooler, plus refreezing ice packs – this has worked well for us so far.


We have a collection of tables. The kitchen table is made from plastic and aluminum slats which makes it easier to dry the dishes quickly after washing them.

Washing Up

We love our collapsible washing-up bowl for camping. It’s a great way to wash up in the campsite or at-home camp kitchen. Plus, it collapses down small and is perfect for transporting!

A bit of Glam

Creating a camp kitchen doesn’t need to be just functional. Solar-powered fairy lights and some tea-light lanterns will soon glam up your campsite, but you can also create a more comfortable space with an outdoor rug or bungee cords for tying down the seating area of your tent.