Can You Wash A Tent In The Washing Machine

Can You Wash A Tent In The Washing Machine?

When you come back from outdoor activities and camping, your tent gets dirty, so it is imperative to clean. As a camper, can you wash a tent in the washing machine, so we don’t recommend washing the tent in the washing machine because it has many drawbacks? On the contrary, you can find many ways to clean your tent in the best possible way, explained in detail below.

Why Shouldn’t You Clean Your Camping Tent in Washing Machine?

When it comes to the canopy, they can withstand the changing weather and elements such as surge, wind, rain, and cold. Despite all these elements, one of the unfortunate things about awnings is that they are not strong enough to hold themselves inside a washing machine. Therefore, when you put a tent inside a washing machine for cleaning purposes, they break down and explode in about an hour.

Clean the teepee by running your washing machine at a slow speed, it will not be soft and quiet for this tent. Inside the teepee, there is a feature that does not allow outside water to enter during the rainy season. So, the washing machine cycle makes it useless, and rainwater is not staying outside the tent.

Furthermore, if you clean your canopy inside the washing machine, it will damage the tent’s coating and not withstand the harsh weather. Thus, here’s a complete way to protect your camping canopy from being ruined and to clean your dirty canopy safely.

How Can You Wash a Tent in the Washing Machine Properly?

Can you wash a tent in the washing machine? The washing machine can ruin your tent so there are many ways you can easily clean your teepee. Some of the required things to clean any teepee in the best way are as mentioned below.

  • Water Hose
  • Micro Fiver Cloth
  • Mild Soap
  • Vacuum with Brush Handle
  • Bathtub or Water Holding Bin
  • White Wine Vinegar
  • Towel for Drying the Teepee

If you are thinking of cleaning your teepee after returning from camping, you must have all of the above. Now that you have all these things, we know how to clean them up.

Before washing, it is vital to know about the types of tents. The two types of tepee are mentioned below:

  • Canvas Teepee
  • Nylon and Polyester Teepee

Canvas Teepee

As you may have been aware of the two types of tents above, the first type is a canvas tent. Canvas canopy is specially made of cotton material, and if you clean and care for it well, it provides excellent insulation and durability. The material used in this tent is solid and does not use synthetic plastic, so it cannot be wiped down.

On the other hand, if you want to clean your canvas teepee deeply, use a bathtub and any container that holds water. Use mild soap, Sponge, and a microfiber cloth and bathtub to clean any dirty tent’s specific area. You may need to repeat this processor until your teepee is thoroughly cleaned.

After returning from the camping trip, if your awning developed mildew or mold, use one part of white wine vinegar and four parts of water solution. After making the solution use it to treat the affected areas directly. Let the white vinegar solution sometimes clean it by using the sponge.

Polyester and Nylon Teepee

When we talk about polyester and nylon awning, so it is made of synthetic fiber that proves to be lightweight and versatile. This tent is commonly used for backpacking camping awnings because it covers little storage, and you can easily carry it anywhere. Another great feature is that you can easily clean it without hesitation, even using a simple hosing way.

If you can’t get deeply clean this canopy, you can use a sponge, mild soap, microfiber cloth, and water-vinegar solution to clean the tent’s specific dirt area. This awning proves to be lightweight and versatile, so make sure that the awning is fully dry before you store it.

Even for this canopy, a bathtub can be used, mild soap and water to clean it by rubbing on the affected area gently. Finally, by following this method, you can easily clean the polyester and nylon camping tent.

How to Dry the Camping Tent?

There are two methods to clean the camping tent that is mentioned below.
Outdoor Method
Indoor Method
After washing the teepee by following the above tips, it will damage your camping tent’s fabric and coating if you dry it using the drying machine. Therefore, what should you do? Don’t need to worry because of the natural way of drying a teepee without any machine completely.


The best and most recommended method to dry the camping awning is to place it outdoor. The reason behind doing it is that it provides fresh air and hot sun rays that will make the awning dry even faster.

Hang Dry

An excellent method to dry the canopy outside is to use the hang dry method. The one thing to keep in mind to use the outdoor method is that make sure that your tent is UV protected. If a canopy is UV protected, hang it out in a garden, in a sunny and airy zone. This method works well with both canvas and nylon Canopy. 


Place the teepee on the pitch, leave it, and dry it with the air. You will save yourself from various headaches if you put the teepee in front of your campsite. The important thing that you can keep in mind is that this process will take longer because the cotton materials hold water.


If it is raining outside or the weather is terrible, you can quickly dry your tent indoors. We especially recommend using your basement and garage, as these are the best locations to dry the teepee.
If you wonder how long it will take indoors to dry any awning, it depends on your awning size. Drying the camping awning inside your home, make sure there are airflow and a warm place. 
After waiting for a few hours or days, you will find your awning dry and ready to be folded up. Place it in the safest place possible so that it won’t get damaged again.

Can You Wash a Tent in the Washing Machine


Can I Wash My Inner Tent in the Washing Machine?

Can you wash a tent in the washing machine? Never wash a tent in the washing machine if the camper is not mentally prepared to buy a new one. Use soap instead of laundry detergent and carefully follow all instructions on labels for best results, but it’s important to read the directions before committing.

How Do you Get Mold Out of a Tent?

After spraying the tent with consortium mold control, wipe away any excess moisture. Then gently rub your micro-fiber cloth over the area to restore its natural condition.

How Do You Clean a Stinky Tent?

Clean a stinky tent when returning home after the trip, Use the bathtub, sponge, microfiber cloth, and mild soap to clean it thoroughly. Also, soak the dirty tent into the odor Eliminator mixture for a maximum of 5 minutes and wash it by using a towel. Lastly, the one crucial thing you keep in mind is that don’t rinse the tent.

How Do You Wash a Tent?

Campers can save money and time by washing their tent, instead of buying a new one. It’s important to know how to wash your camping equipment so it doesn’t get destroyed on your next trip! Here are some tips for getting the job done.

How Do You Clean a Tent with Vinegar?

Using vinegar is your best choice when it comes to cleaning a dirty tent. A mixture of water and vinegar will eliminate the germs that are on your tent, as well as any mildew or stains. Apply this solution by spraying first before gently rubbing with a sponge all over the surface of the fabric until clean. so, this can get back out into nature sooner!


Can you wash a tent in the washing machine? The answer is no, but the great thing can do by using the washing machine is to use it as a bathtub or container to hold the water. Also, by following all the methods mentioned above, you can easily clean your dirty tent without breaking them.

Finally, I hope this guide proves to be insightful and helpful for you. You’ll learn how to clean your dirty tent without a washing machine in no time!