Camping Without Washing Facilities

Camping Without Washing Facilities -Beginner Family Guide

It has been a month since the COVID-19 virus outbreak, and campsites are just now beginning to open. The facilities will not be available for washing or bathing though because they need to make sure that no one gets infected with any of these illnesses so it is safer if they do those things at home instead.

Camping without washing facilities is an opportunity to embrace the outdoors in a new way. You’ll meet people with similar interests and participate in activities that you might not have tried before, such as stargazing or river bathing (making use of natural water sources like springs, rivers, or lakes). The more challenging aspects can be just what attracts certain campers – it’s hard to get too clean when there are no showers!

Camping without washing facilities is possible, and this article will give you some great tips on how to do it. Camping in a place with no bathrooms can be tough – but we’ve done it plenty of times before!

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Camping Without Washing Facilities

Without Washing Facilities, How can you go Camping?

Get a large water carrier with a tap – Camping Without Washing Facilities

To keep yourself clean and refreshed on your next camping trip, you need a water carrier with a tap inside the tent.
Place this container on edge of the table where it can be accessed easily by anyone in camp looking to wash their hands or fill up bottles.
Many campsites have access to drinking-quality water which is a quick way of getting drinks or filling kettles as well!
We’ve been using Coleman Water Carrier, Water Carrier which takes less space than our previous one in the car but also holds more liquid so we don’t run out while deep into nature exploring new territory around us!

Two Bowls

Taking two washing bowls has been very helpful. One bowl stays underneath the water carrier and is used for washing hands, sometimes even the face if we need to wash up quickly before going out or after coming back from a long day at work.
The other bowl is kept just in case there are enough items that need to be washed up but it can also serve as an alternative when you have run out of hot water during your showering time or cooking some pasta with sauce!
 We found this solution really useful especially since our house doesn’t come with a dishwasher so everything needed to be done by hand which means great flexibility was required (sometimes I would use one side while my husband was on the other)! For years we had cheap plastic soap basins

Liquid Soap

We always have a hand-wash liquid soap in the cabin, but if we’re camping off-grid with no washing facilities, then it’s handy to also take some face wash.
A Note on Washing Up Liquid
If you use regular washing-up liquid or any other liquid soap, make sure you pour your used water down the grey-waste drain, not into the bushes, and definitely not into any stream. This will contaminate the environment.
You can get biodegradable washing-up liquid of course, which is more environmentally friendly.

A Kettle– Camping Without Washing Facilities

Warm water is the best for washing dishes and a lot nicer if you are doing facial cleansers. If I am camping off-grid, there isn’t any other way to heat up the water beside my kettle– or an open fire!
For ultimate tent luxury, we’ve used this from Odoland 4L Camping Kettle Set with 4 Cups to get hot water on tap. A propane heater by our tent stove ensures the temperature stays warm enough for a good night’s sleep and an easy morning routine with coffee or tea.