Best Tents For Burning Man Festival

Best Tents For Burning Man Festival -Buying Guide 2022

We have the perfect Best tents for Burning Man Festival for you! Whether it’s a cave, teepee, or something else – we’ve got everything that is needed.

The weather can be unpredictable at Burning Man so you need to ensure your tent will withstand strong winds, dust storms, and rain as well as be spacious. A conventional camping tent just won’t cut it; they get torn up in a heartbeat with all of their poles breaking or ripping out from under extreme conditions like these!

With such volatile elements present during the festival season there’s no time for shitty shoddy housing solutions that fail when you really need them most – invest now into something durable & reliable instead: fire-resistant structure paired with pegs that allow anchoring down securely beneath any terrain without fear of never seeing home again because someone took off running away cause he had enough guts (or whatever) after witnessing what happened last night…

In this guide, we have handpicked and reviewed the best canvas Bell Tent or Kodiak Tents on the market that will withstand any storm. Why settle for anything less than the top of the line when there’s a tent out there suited just right for you? Let’s get started…

Best tents for Burning Man Festival

Top 6 picks for Best Tents for Burning Man Festival

1 Dream House Luxury Glamping Tent

Dream House Outdoor Waterproof Cotton Canvas Family Camping Bell Tent (Beige Cotton Canvas Tent, Diameter 5 Meter)

The Dream House Luxury Glamping Tent is made from a durable cotton canvas fabric and features a 3000mm waterproof PU coating with taped seams. This tent can be used in all 4 seasons, making it an ideal choice for Burning Man festival-goers who want their shelter to stand up against even harsh weather conditions!

The heavy-duty zip-able groundsheet allows you to roll up the sides of your tent walls so that wind cannot penetrate, keeping it nice and cool inside. If there’s a particularly strong gust or two though just zipping back down will stop sand from flowing in when open as well!

Desert Dreams is a tent that can withstand strong winds and keep you cool, not to mention it’s spacious with an awesome design!

  • A durable, weather-resistant material
  • The ability to roll 360 degrees
  • Great price
  • High-quality durable material
  • 4 season canvas tent
  • The smell of the material

2 Kodiak Canvas Deluxe Tent

Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Canvas Tent Deluxe 10 ft x 14 ft (8-Person)

Female campers. The Kodiak Canvas Deluxe Tent (Amazon) is the perfect shelter for you to take with you on your next camping adventure because it will have no problem holding up in strong winds thanks to a Flex-Bow frame, steel rods, and 1″ steel tube!

This tent also features 100% premium duck canvas fabric that’s watertight yet breathable so don’t worry about getting wet when taking refuge from mother nature out there this season or two down the line

The Pola Self- incriminating tent is a durable puncture-resistant floor, welded seams with four windows and two air vents. The no see um mesh allows for plenty of airflows through this desert-dwelling wonder!

The spacious tent provides plenty of room for festival-goers to enjoy themselves. The large awning provides shade and beer with friends while sitting outside in the sun, but it’s also useful if you need privacy!

  • Spacious & able to walk around in
  • Large doors front & back
  • Breathable no-see-um mesh
  • Durable & watertight
  • 100% cotton duck canvas
  • Might want to consider the larger versions
  • Could be more storage room

3 DANCHEL Luxury Bell Tent

DANCHEL OUTDOOR 4 Season Oxford Glamping Tent, Waterproof Yurt Tent Bell Tent for Camping White 10ft

The DANCHEL Luxury Bell Tent is an extremely spacious and durable tent, made from 100% 285GSM cotton fabric which protects against UV light keeping you warm in the winter or cool on summer’s hottest days.

The sides of this magnificent abode roll up 360 degrees around for optimal ventilation while letting a breeze run through your sleeping quarters making it perfect to relax with friends!

This 4 season’s tent is durable and will survive the weather conditions at Burning Man. It features mosquito netting that keeps you cool during playtime, spacious zipped side windows with air vents for ventilation as well as waterproof material so rain won’t dampen your mood!

  • Breathable mesh windows
  • Wind, rain, sand proof
  • Spacious interior
  • Sides roll up 360 degrees
  • 4 season canvas bell tent
  • Be sure to spray the seams for waterproofing

4 Dream House Canvas Indian Teepee Tent

Dream House Three-Season Cotton Canvas Camping Pyramid Tent for 2~3 Person

If you’re looking for something a little different then the Dream House Canvas Indian Teepee Tent (Amazon) is an excellent choice, Such a unique design makes this tent so appealing to me. It’s perfect whether it be camping or simply lounging by the poolside on those lazy days!

This teepee tent is the perfect place for you to enjoy some time away from home. It’s made of durable, breathable cotton canvas that withstands strong winds and features an adjustable mosquito screen on both doors as well as windows!

If you’re looking to spend your money on something a little different this year, consider the Indian Teepee. It’s also cheaper than some other luxury canvas tents we’ve reviewed!

  • Side mesh windows
  • UV resistant
  • High-quality durable materials
  • Water, rain & sand proof
  • Mosquito mesh screen
  • The Center pole can get in the way
  • Not ideal for large groups

5 Teton Sports Canvas Tent

TETON Sports Mesa 10 Canvas Tent; 6 Person Family Camping Tent, Room with a View

The Teton Sports Canvas Tent is your home away from home, giving you a strong durable tent featuring watertight cotton canvas which promotes airflow for all-season protection and breathability.

The Teton tent is easy to set up and has plenty of room for you to walk around at the campsite. It comes with all your travel gear, so there’s no need to spend half a day trying to assemble it!

The tent has extra-wide doors and mesh screens for ventilation, all with easy access ports. You can also run power in at your convenience thanks to an adjustable cord that’s included!

  • Outside canopy roof
  • Extra-wide doors
  • perfect for all seasons
  • Waterproof & breathable mesh
  • Lots of storage room / can stand up
  • On the heavy side
  • No vestibules for storage

6 Vidalido Dome Camping Tent

12'x10'x8'Dome Camping Tent 5-6 Person 4 Season Double Layers Waterproof Windproof Tents Family Outdoor Camping Tent(Yellow)

The Vidalido Dome Camping Tent is a multi-functional Indian teepee tent that can be used for festivals and elections. It’s perfect if you want your social gathering room, picnic area, or camping experience to have some extra flavor!

The tent is made from a high-quality material that will last you for years. The anti-tear polyester fabric and reinforced steel poles make it water, wind, or rainproof!

The spacious and ventilated tent is perfect for any occasion. It provides a shaded balcony area where you can relax in privacy, as well as has wide-opening doors that keep air moving throughout the shelter so it’s comfortable all day long!

  • Superior construction
  • Easy to set up & Portable
  • Multi-purpose 2-in-1 tent
  • UV, rain, and wind-resistant
  • Large breathable mesh windows
  • Not as durable as the other tents
  • What to look for in a tent for Burning Man
  • This is not a Canvas

You should take into consideration the following factors when choosing a tent for Burning Man:


There is a chance you could experience strong winds at Burning Man, even if it’s not listed as one of the weather risks. You need to make sure that your tent has an extremely sturdy metal frame and can be securely anchored into the ground so there isn’t any risk of flies or other debris getting inside during high wind conditions.
The best way to make sure your tent lasts in the desert is by investing in a canvas design. The tents are made with sturdy materials and can withstand harsh weather conditions, so whether it’s rainy or snowy, no problems will arise.


The weather can be unpredictable in the Black Rock Desert, and it’s easy for your tent to get wet.
Make sure you have something waterproof that will keep water out so you don’t end up spending a miserable night shivering next to a leaky barrier instead of enjoying nature’s beauty under clear skies while listening to raindrops on high ground with cold beverages at hand!


A tent should be equipped with breathable mesh doors and windows that can easily remove for maintenance, as well as solid material covers to protect against injuries in rough camping conditions.
The tent is your home away from home, so be prepared for the unexpected. It’s likely that you’ll end up with some dust in here after a week of camping and roughing it outdoors- just clean off any dirt on occasion or risk an infestation!


The tent you want for Burning Man is a canvas bell with breathable mesh windows and doors. It will keep cool in the hot desert, but be able to ventilate when necessary so your air conditioning doesn’t break down from excessive heat or humidity!
The 360-degree foldable sides of these tents are designed to allow a breeze through the whole thing.


A spacious tent that can accommodate all your belongings and provide you with enough room to stretch out will make for a more comfortable camping experience. You should consider getting an even bigger one if possible, for the simple reason that it makes sense.

Best tents for Burning Man Festival can be tailored to fit three different types:

Kodiak Tents

For those looking for a cheaper but just as effective option than the canvas Bell Tent, I recommend checking out these tents. For around $400-$750, you can get your choice of size and they will stand up against anything from sand to wind or rain!

If camping is on your agenda this summer then be sure to head down to Burning Man with an adequate shelter – because the weather changes fast there…

The Kodiak tent is a great option for those who want an affordable alternative to Bell or Shiftpod. With its spacious interior, 6’6 head clearance, and free movement around the inside of your campsite at Burning Man you’ll be sure not to have any trouble finding space in this tough-looking but surprisingly lightweight shelter!

Bell Tents

The Bell Tent is the ultimate camp shelter, providing protection from both sun and rain. Its thick canvas walls will keep you dry in even your most torrential downpour while its high-quality poles ensure that it stands strong when everything else falls apart around us!

The luxurious and spacious luxury tent is perfect for Burning Man. The windows are made from breathable mesh, with roll-up sides that open 360 degrees allowing you to feel the breeze pass through it all night long! These tents also have waterproofing which makes them great in inclement weather as well; they’re not only luxuries but necessities too at an event where anything can happen during a single day of fun

The Dream House Luxury Tent is the best luxury tent in our opinion, but we know it’s not for everyone. The original Lotus Bell Tent can cost up to $3k which might be a little too pricey if you’re just looking at tents and don’t need all of that extra space or style. However, there are cheaper alternatives out now at around 500 dollars!

If you have money to burn, I recommend the Lotus Tent. It’s pretty cool!


Shiftpods have quickly become the preferred camping option for people who are looking to take their air conditioning unit with them. These tents can hold cool air in and keep your space dark during daylight hours, making it a perfect solution if you’re planning on going to Burning Man this year!

With this “spacious” warehouse, you can store your items without worrying about them getting dusty. It features a six-foot clearance when stood up and measures 12’x12′. Did I mention it looks unreal? You’ll most certainly stand out from the crowd with one of these!


Q. What is the best tent for a burning man festival?

A. If you need something lightweight and easy to transport, then consider an ultralight backpacking tent. If you want something more spacious and comfortable, then a car camping or family camping tent would be a better option.

Q. What are some of the best tent brands for a burning man festival?

A. Some of the top 5 brands for a burning man festival include REI, Coleman, MSR, Kelty, and Big Agnes.

Q. What is the average price of a good quality tent for a burning man festival?

A. The average price of a good quality tent for a burning man festival is between $200 and $300. However, you can find cheaper tents if you are willing to sacrifice some features or quality.

Q. How can I make sure that my tent is properly set up and ready for use at a burning man festival?

A. To ensure that your tent is properly set up and ready for use at a burning man festival, you should take the time to carefully read the instructions and follow all the necessary steps.

Final Thoughts

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post and I’m looking forward to seeing your Best tents for Burning Man Festival. Just remember that even though the weather there can sometimes be unpredictable, a durable shelter like yours will make sure it doesn’t get too bad!

I would recommend a tent that has breathable mesh or canvas on all sides and plenty of ventilation. You should also make sure to have doors with screens in order not only to keep out bugs but insects as well!