Best Tent Games That Are Fun

7 Best Tent Games That Are Fun

As you arrive at your campsite, there is a sense of excitement in the air. You have everything well catered for and are ready to enjoy some great bonding time with friends or family members before boredom sets in. However, if this is not an option due to kids around then it’s important that one acts fast as soon as possible so they don’t get bored.

The best way to make your tent feel like home is by playing Best Tent Games That Are Fun. Put on some creativity and keep everyone happy with these exciting new game ideas that will take the fun of camping to another level!

What Am I

Introducing… animal charades! The game begins as one person acts out the sound of an animal for their teammates. As soon as they think that enough clues have been given, players take turns guessing which creature is being portrayed until someone guesses correctly and moves on to a new character in the queue.

To make it more fun, participants can give visual hints or create movements depicting what animals do – like if you’re playing with me now I just might jump up onto my hind legs and start flapping around because honeybees are known for doing this before taking flight.

Once Upon a Time

The game of storytelling is a quirky and fun way to get creative in the company of others. It starts by choosing someone who will kick off the story with an interesting topic, For Example “once upon a time there lived a grandmother up in the mountains” This person continues until their tale has come full circle – just like this sentence!

You can go as many rounds of telling a story until you decide when the story should end. The more creative sentences come up with, the better your stories will get to be! Who knew that just by playing games in a tent there are so many ways for creativity and storytelling?

Broken Telephone

You could feel it in the air. It was too quiet, you knew something had to be up.

It’s been a while since someone has played this one but when they did there were always some chuckles and laughter with every round. The person that starts will think of a sentence about themselves or their surroundings – For Example “the grumpy grandpa grabbed his gray goose.”

They’ll then whisper what they say into the ear of whoever is seated next to them until everyone who wants to play has heard it at least once.

The idea is to add a twist. To make sure the first player keeps their word, they will write it on paper and keep it away from them until everyone has had one chance at speaking for themselves. By the time we reach our last person in line, chances are that sentence ends up hilarious!

Grandma’s House

Tent Games That Are Fun that will keep the kids engaged. The idea is to spell out Grandma by following these simple steps:

  • The first person states what they are going to grandma’s house and bring their favorite fruit, such as grapes;
  • The next player should say something like “I’m bringing my raspberries,” which starts with an ‘R.
  • 3rd person says “my apples” for example – until finally, we’ve spelled GRANDMA!

Card Games – Tent Games That Are Fun

Tent Games That Are Fun

You might be sitting in your tent, bored because the rain has kept you from exploring or fishing. Don’t worry! There are plenty of card games to keep track of for hours on end while waiting for a sunny day – and they don’t have to include poker! Whether it’s with family members or just as friends who like camping together, there is no shortage of fun cards games out there when we’re trying to entertain ourselves during an indoor activity. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never played any before either; I will give some examples below that even complete beginners can enjoy.

Family Game

The game of cops and robbers is an age-old, time-tested classic. To play it with your friends at home you’ll need a deck of cards without any queens or jacks in them; take the rest out to make this easy on yourself. You can then use one suit as “cops” (ace) and another for “robbers” (king). What do we have here? It’s two against one!

The thrill never ends when playing this fun card game that was made popular by prohibition-era America – not even after all these years since its conception back during World War Two has anyone come up with anything better than good old-fashioned Cops vs Robbers!

This is a popular card game for people who love to join in on the fun and get their hands dirty. The best part about this game? You can customize it however you want! It’s easy–just add, subtract, or replace any of your cards with whatever suits your fancy.

If there are 5 players then have an ace-king as well as 3 random civilian cards dealt out at random (or mix up which player has each one).

Couples Game

While camping with my girlfriend, we always have a good time. We play different games to kill the boredom and get closer together such as crazy eights, 31’s or sometimes even poker! But by far our favorite game is Go Fish because it’s couples-friendly but also really fun too.

I’ll tell you how to play: since this version of the game has been modified for two people instead of four players like in traditional GO FISH!, there are some changes from what you’re used to that make it more interesting while still keeping all essentials intact.

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Q.How to choose the best camp games for teenagers?

A.There is no definitive answer, but a good rule of thumb is to consider the age and interests of your teen campers.

Q. What are some good camp games for large groups?

A.Some popular camp games for large groups include capture the flag, tug of war, and relay races.

Q. What are some good camp games for small groups?

A.Some good camp games for small groups include 20 questions, I Spy, and Two Truths and a Lie. Other games that can be enjoyed by small groups include card games, board games, and word games.

Q. What are some good camp games for rainy days?

A.Some good camp games for rainy days include indoor scavenger hunts, charades, and board games. Other indoor activities that can be enjoyed on rainy days include arts and crafts, movie marathons, and pillow fights.

Q. What are some good camp games for nighttime?

A.Some popular camp games for nighttime include flashlight tag, hide and seek, and capture the flag.


Whether your camping trip is with the family, kids, or even just couples there’s something in store for everyone. Tent Games That Are Fun tend to bring people together while creating memories so make sure you bring along an open mind and as a kid feel free to enjoy these games too!

We hope that many smiles will be seen on the faces of those who play our list then again; “a smile a day keeps the doctor away“.