Best Single Person Tents

Top 6 Best Single Person Tents – Camping Guide

Tents are one of the most important pieces of equipment on a backpacking trip. They provide warmth, dryness, and comfort while protecting you from bugs! But what should you get? This article is here to help find that perfect single-person tent for your next adventure.

Tents come in many shapes and sizes, so it’s not always easy to figure out what is best for you. If hiking long distances under extreme conditions or traveling through variable terrain on a regular basis is your thing then the Freestanding tents might be perfect for you!

They can withstand high winds, rainstorms, and other harsh weather with ease. But if camping isn’t really your style but still want some privacy from time to time the cabin tent would work perfectly well because they provide shelter without being too heavy or bulky like larger types of tents may be.

If you’re looking for the Best single person tents, the value that you place on each of these factors is going to be personal. For this article though, we’ll assume most people are prioritizing lightweight design (otherwise why not just get a bigger 2-person tent and have more room?).

If weight is your main priority in finding an individual camping shelter then make sure it’s designed with ultralight materials or has some other built-in feature like being able to clip together two halves into one full-size unit.

Other Factors to Consider are:

  • For the ultimate in the lightweight shelter, a Best single-person tent is your best choice. With no need for insulation or protection from extreme weather conditions like wind and rain, you can pack it up quickly when packing light is necessary. On the other hand, if looking to camp comfortably with all of the amenities then double-wall tents are what you want as they offer some great benefits such as bug protection and condensation management while still being fairly easy to transport.
  • The decision to use trekking poles is one that weighs heavily on many hikers. Trekking poles help you move quicker and more efficiently, which could save weight! They are also much easier than carrying around a heavy tent with its own set of stakes and poles—which take up space in your pack as well.
  • What are the benefits and drawbacks of Silnylon versus DCF?  Fly material is a choice between cheaper, less waterproof silnylon or more expensive but durable and not stretchable (Dyneema Composite Fabric) DCF.
  • If you’re looking for a place to relax and take shelter, look no further than your very own tent! It is the perfect space for stretching out or sitting up straight.
  • The amount of space available for gear storage in the vestibule
  • It can be difficult to get in and out of a car. Some people have the grace, but others end up rolling around like logs after they’ve left their seats.
  • Let’s you go from cozy to dry in seconds. No matter what the weather, your home will always feel like it’s welcoming and warm.

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Top 6 Single Person Tents

Best Single Person Tents

1. Nemo Hornet

Nemo Dragonfly Ultralight Backpacking Tent, 1 Person

Key Features

  • 1 lb 11oz trail weight, 1 lb 16 oz packed weight
  • Double-wall
  • Silnylon
  • 3 Seasons
  • 87″ long, 40″ at a max width and 40″ at max height with a 21 sq ft floor area
  • The semi-freestanding version is supplied with an aluminum pole, which can be used with one trekking pole

Beings that are extremely light, this tent will be easy to carry around with you on your adventures. With such a lightweight design and spacious interior, no matter where life takes you next, the Nemo Hornet is sure to have a home for all of your needs.

The Hornet is a tent that can be set up in minutes and provides protection against wind, rain, sun; it has high bathtub sides to protect you from the elements. You’ll always stay cozy with this sturdy shelter!

This tent is a great solution for those who want to set up camp quickly, be able to stand upright inside of the tent, and not have any flaws. The only downside would probably be that it’s too narrow in some areas – but if you’re looking for lightweight or free-standing features anyway, this won’t matter much!

2. Eureka! Solitaire AL 1 Person (Best Single Person Tents)

Eureka! Solitaire AL 1 Person, 3 Season, Camping and Backpacking Tent

Key Features

  • 2 lbs 12 oz trail weight
  • Double-wall
  • Silnylon
  • 3 Seasons
  • 40″ height, 18.1 sq ft floor area, 4.4 sq ft vestibule
  • No trekking poles are needed (comes with an aluminum framework).

The Eureka Spitfire is the heavyweight on our list, but it’s also the cheapest and packs down small for its weight. The durable aluminum frame with clip attachments makes for a fast setup that only requires 2 stakes to maintain stability on inner tent poles alone.

The large side entry of the KayakPak makes it easy to store and grab gear, as does its waterproof construction. The 2 mesh-covered pockets are perfect for smaller items like keys, phones, or sunglasses.

For those new to hiking or on a budget, the Spitfire has everything they need. It’s not as spacious and it won’t be as durable but you can count on this tent for your first few trips in nature.

3. Big Agnes Fly Creek HV Carbon Backpacking Tent (with Dyneema)

Big Agnes Fly Creek HV Carbon Backpacking Tent (with Dyneema), 1 Person

Key Features

  • 1 lbs 11oz trail weight, 2 lbs 1 oz packed weight
  • Double-wall
  • Silnylon
  • 3 Seasons
  • 86″ long, 38″ at max height, 38″ wide at head tapering to 28″ at feet with 20 sq ft area
  • The footbed of this tent needs staking.

One of the latest additions to Big Agnes is a tent that provides ample interior space and an amazingly efficient design. The Fly Creek has among one of the best weight-to-volume ratios on this market, making it perfect for those who value portability in their outdoor experience.

The reflective guylines will help you avoid tripping over them in the darkness. The mesh and taped seams make for a great ventilated tent that is quick to dry out after it rains.

The Fly Creek tent offers a design that is functional and attractive. The doorway at the head end could be wider, but it isn’t too difficult to enter or exit. Similarly, if space inside of the vestibule area were larger then access would not be as easy for people with mobility problems as I have–but overall this is an excellent single-person tent!

4. MSR Carbon Reflex

MSR Carbon Reflex 1-Person Ultralight Mesh Backpacking Tent with Rainfly

Key Features

  • 1 lb 7 oz trail weight, 1 lb 13 oz packed weight
  • Double-wall
  • Silnylon
  • 3 Seasons
  • 34″ height, 17 sq ft floor area, 7 sq ft vestibule area
  • A carbon fiber pole allows the table to stand but it is not freestanding

MSR tents are known for their quality and durability. The Carbon Reflex 1 is MSR’s lightest full protection tent, weighing in at 3 pounds with a spacious vestibule area that can store all of your gear on the inside as well. If you’re not using trekking poles, this will be perfect because it comes with them included!

The CR fly is a sleek, lightweight, and durable tent that can withstand those really strong winds. The only downside to the whole thing (besides maybe being pricey) is that there aren’t any extra zippers or ventilation for warmer weather so it’s not as comfortable on hot days when all you want to do is just sit in front of an air conditioner.

5. MSR Hubba

MSR Hubba NX 1-Person Lightweight Backpacking Tent, with Xtreme Waterproof Coating

Key Features

  • There is a trail weight of 2 pounds 7 ounces, a packed weight of 2 pounds 14 ounces, and a lightweight of 2 pounds 1 ounce
  • Double-wall
  • Silnylon
  • 3 Seasons
  • 36″ height, 18 sq. ft. floor area. 9 sq ft vestibule area
  • Freestanding

The MSR Hubba is the perfect tent for those who want a freestanding, lightweight design that provides exceptional all-weather protection. Easy to assemble and with plenty of storage space, this versatile shelter will keep you warm when temperatures dip beneath freezing and cool during summer storms.

The sturdy, aluminum pole formation on this tent allows for a lightweight and fast setup that can withstand the harsh wind. Furthermore, there are rain fly vents that will prevent condensation from building up to make your stay more comfortable while camping in unfavorable weather conditions such as heavy rains or strong winds.

6. North Face Stormbreak 1 One-Person Camping Tent

The North Face Stormbreak 1, Golden Oak/Pavement, OS

Key Features

  • There are three types of weights: trail weight, packed weight, and “fast pack”.
  • Double-wall
  • Silnylon
  • 3 Seasons
  • 85″ long, 38″ height, 14.6 sq ft floor area, 7.3 sq ft vestibule
  • Freestanding inner

The North Face Mica FL 1 is a perfect tent for hikers that need an easy setup after long days on the trail. The steep walls and side entrance make it ideal to be comfortable in this small space, while its vestibule can hold all of your gear so you’re ready for whatever weather comes your way!

The Mica is a true hybrid tent, balancing lightweight and comfort with more versatility than some of the other tents on this list. The added bonus is that it comes complete with its own footprint- an easy way to save money if you’re traveling without any extras for your fast-pack experience!

FAQs – Best Single Person Tents

Q. What is the best one-person tent to buy?

A. The best one-person tent to buy is the MSR Hubba Hubba NX.

Q. What are the benefits of a single-person tent?

A. They’re lighter and easier to carry than larger tents, affordable, and easy to set up and take down making them ideal for backpacking

Q. What are the best single-person backpacking tents?

A. The best single-person backpacking tents are the REI Quarter Dome Air and the Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL1.

Q. How much does a single-person tent cost?

A. Single-person tents can range in price from around $50 to over $200, depending on the size and features of the tent.

Q. What are the best single-person tents for winter camping?

A. The best single-person tents for winter camping are the Black Diamond Firstlight and the Mountain Hardwear Trango 2.

Final Wordings

As you can see, there are a number of Best Single person tents on the market to choose from. Some of our favorites include the top-of-the-line Altaplex and Spitfire series which offer something for everyone’s needs no matter how much money they have or where their priorities lie.