Best MSR Lightweight backpack tents

Top 8 Best MSR Lightweight Backpack Tents-Comparison Guide

To summarize, MSR is a popular company in the outdoor equipment industry because it was founded with the intent to make safer and more reliable products. Nowadays, when thinking of the best tents for backpacking or camping one cannot help but think about precision engineering and careful craftsmanship that often come together as part of the brand name ‘Mountain Safety Research.

The best at making high-performance gear, Best MSR Lightweight Backpack Tents are known for their top-quality construction and materials. They’re mostly used in 3rd or 4th seasons camping trips but have been tested on expeditions as well.

Many adventurers use their high-end lightweight tents for remote camping, and a lot of hardcore hikers and mountaineers camp with their expedition tents for scaling some of the biggest mountains in the world in treacherous conditions – a clear reason why these are so expensive.

When you’re looking for a tent, there are so many options to choose from. From the ultra-popular Hubba Hubba NX range and MSR Access expedition line, tents come in all shapes and sizes that suit different needs.

For all of you avid adventurers out there, we’ve created a review that includes the best MSR tents for sale. With so many options on the market today it can get confusing as to which one is right for your next trip; hopefully, this will help!

Best MSR Lightweight Backpack Tents

1. MSR Hubba Hubba NX Tent

MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2-Person Lightweight Backpacking Tent, with Xtreme Waterproof Coating

Key Features:

  • Comfortable room for elbows and heads
  • 18ft2 floor space and 36″ height
  • The waterproof coating on the 30D Ripstop floor is Xtreme Shield 3000mm
  • Pack size is 18″ x 6″ with compression straps

If you’re traveling solo, the MSR Hubba Hubba NX is a perfect lightweight option. It’s also available in two-person for those who want to go camping with someone else! If you have three people set on going out into nature together, check out Mutha Hupbs which has 3 separate entrances and roomy interiors.

This tent is best for 3-season camping, making treks or thru-hiking a breeze because of its lightweight and portable design.

The Easton Syclone tent is a great choice for outdoor enthusiasts because of the high-quality materials it’s made from. The poles are constructed using an aerospace composite material that responds well to strong winds, and both the floor and rainfly have an Xtreme shield coating that makes them waterproof with a rating of 3000mm/1200mm respectively.

A durable tent with over 9 sq. ft of vestibule space, this is perfect for stargazing and keeping your gear out of the way! The 20D ripstop nylon canopy ensures that it won’t be too bulky or heavy so you can easily carry all 24 lbs to set up camp anywhere in the world.

2. MSR Mutha Hubba NX Tent

MSR Hubba NX 1-Person Lightweight Backpacking Tent, with Xtreme Waterproof Coating

Key Features:

  • Size 7ft x 5.7ft & Height 44″
  • Pack Size 21″ x 7″ with a wide-mouth bag
  • 3000mm flooring
  • 1200mm fly watertight rating

The Mutha Hubba is the mother of all tents, far surpassing its siblings. With space for 3 people and completely covered fly protection with increased storage space that features dual vestibules to keep your things safe from weather elements, it’s unlike any other tent in the family! The Easton Syclone Poles are revolutionizing wind resistance using aerospace composite materials making this a must-have model you won’t regret purchasing.

The tent is made of a ripstop nylon canopy, and flooring with 20D and 30D thicknesses respectively. The fly and the floor have an Xtreme Shield coating for high waterproof protection. With a 44″ height it has ample space because of its unique frame design-a center ridge pole pulls walls outwards to maximize volume without adding weight.

To lighten the weight you can reduce it to 4.5lbs, or even 3.1 if you purchase an optional accessory called Fast & Light framework which is ideal for summer camping trips!

3. MSR Elixir Tent

MSR Elixir 3-Person Lightweight Backpacking Tent

Key Features:

  • Color-Coded Rapid Pitch
  • Polygonal & Free Footprint Systems
  • 3000mm 70D Nylon Floor
  • 1500mm 68D Poly Rainfly
  • Floor Area: (1p) 20ft2, (2p) 29ft2, (3p) 39.5ft2, (4p) 54ft2

The Elixir series is a mid-lightweight backpacking tent that can be used in cooler weather. It has thicker, slightly heavier fabrics to increase durability and maximize space inside the tent. Compared with the ultralightweight Hubba Series, it falls into this category because of these characteristics

If you’re looking for a tent to spend multiple days in, this is great. The low-profile dome design offers lots of space despite its size and makes it good for tall people as well. It also comes with an added bonus: the fly has a kickstand vent that pushes fresh air through the inner mesh canopy so your camping experience will be more comfortable than ever before!

With 1 vestibule for the 1P and 2 more in all other models, you have plenty of room to keep your gear out of view. The hub pole system makes it easy to set up with color-coded clips that match tent poles. With a free footprint included, this will prolong the life of your flooring when pitching outside on rocky terrain or grassy areas where stakes are difficult to use effectively.

4. MSR Access Expedition Tent

MSR Remote 4-Season 2-Person Mountaineering Tent with Dome Vestibule (040818131138)

Key Features:

  • Roomy Vestibule 
  • Maximized interior space
  • Weston Syclone Poles can handle 27lbs of snow
  • Waterproof coating Xtreme Shield for 1200mm-3000mm

The Access line of backpacking gear is perfect for winter camping. They are lightweight and deliver roomy interior space that has a full-length rainfly to protect you from cold conditions at treeline.

Easton Syclone Poles are lightweight but strong. They’re made of a composite material that is as thin and light as aluminum while offering the same strength benefits as carbon fiber. These poles have an extremely wind-responsive design which makes them virtually unbreakable in even the harshest blizzard storms with their streamlined pole hubs and clips for easy setup.

The all-new cross pole design maximizes space and ensures the sturdiness of our frames. It is so strong that it can hold 27lbs, has rainfly vents for increased airflow to prevent condensation buildup in your tent, plus Xtreme Shield coating on top of fully waterproof material!

5. MSR Carbon Reflex Tent

MSR Carbon Reflex 2-Person Ultralight Mesh Backpacking Tent with Rainfly

Key Features:

  • Strong Carbon Fiber Poles
  • UltraShield Rainfly 
  • Floors with 1200mm HH Xtreme Shield
  • Vestibule with Velcro and No Zippers 

The Carbon Reflex line from MSR is a great option for those who want to travel ultralightweight, but still, have the protection of a tent. These tents are perfect for 3-season trips because they give you all the benefits and durability of regular tents with much less weight than other options. In fact, these models could be compared in size and weight to water bottles when packed up!

The non-freestanding design is quick and easy to pitch, with telescopic poles that are bright red. The grommets, clips, and stakes make it stand out on the campsite for easy visibility. An additional cross pole significantly boosts interior space without adding much weight but makes this tent less than ideal when there’s heavy rain or wind present because of its lack of freestanding structure; however, they do have a full mesh body which makes them warm weather friendly – perfect for summer camping!

The features of the 1-person tent include carbon fiber poles, a zipperless vestibule for quick entry and exit, and D-doors that provide easy access to either side when opened up completely. The 2-, 3-, 4+ person tents have an extra door on one end in addition to their main entrance with full opening doors so you can get out easily without having to crawl over other people if necessary.

6. MSR FreeLite Tent

MSR FreeLite 3-Person Ultralight Breathable Backpacking Tent

Key Features:

  • Easton Syclone Poles for Semi-Freestanding Design 
  • The device is hub-based
  • Floor coated with 1200mm of waterproofing
  • Fly Coating 1200mm Waterproof
  • Compression straps help you pack your stuff easily

The FreeLite tent series is sort of in-between the Carbon Reflex line and Hubba tents. These models fall into a category that divides ultralightweight with slightly more paneling to trap heat, but not as much insulation or protection against cold ground drafts as most other brands provide for this range of weight capacity.

The Easton Syclone Pole is perfect for biking in the warmer months. This model offers full rainfly protection with Xtreme Shield waterproof coating, and it resists breakage in extreme winds thanks to its hub systems that make setting up easy.

The pole geometry maximizes headroom, ensuring you have enough room to sleep comfortably. The floor plan also ensures that there is plenty of space for ventilation due to its micromesh design. D-shaped doors on opposite sides provide easy access and increase convenience while camping in this tent.

7. MSR Zoic Tent

MSR Zoic 1-Person Lightweight Mesh Backpacking Tent with Rainfly, Red

Key Features:

  • The floor plan is spacious
  • A vertical sidewall
  • Alloy Frame Lightweight
  • An Easy Pitch hub
  • Built with nylon and defense shield 1500mm fly 
  • Floors with a 3000mm width

The Zoic line of tents provides the durability and reliability found in dome-style backpacking tents, but with more space. They have increased headroom thanks to a geometric framework that includes an extra cross-brow pole. This means there is generous room for larger 25-inch mattresses than we are typically used to seeing inside these types of tent styles as well as on camping trips or outings like this one where overnight accommodations may be limited!

A full mesh canopy offers breathability and condensation control for a dry, comfortable 3-season camping experience. The fly is adaptable so you can roll it back to stargaze whilst remaining protected from bugs. Steep sidewalls give the tent high ceilings with ample storage space in vestibules outside of basecamp tents that keep your gear safe during harsh weather conditions such as rainstorms or extreme heat days on summer campouts.

The tent is easy to set up with the poles, which are connected by a unified hub system. The fly made of thick 40D ripstop nylon has a 1500mm waterproof column while the flooring made from 70D taffeta nylon and 3000mm water resistance rating make it durable enough for any camping trip.

8. MSR Thru-Hiker Tent

MSR Thru-Hiker Mesh House 1, Red, 10822

Key Features:

  • Ultra-lightweight Design
  • A Trekking Pole for Pitch
  • Ripstop Nylon Flooring 15D with 1200mm 
  • 1200mm Waterproof Rating for thru-hiker wings

The Thru-Hiker range of tents is designed for long-distance solo hikers. The material they are made from packs down extremely small, so you can save as much gear weight and space in your bag as possible.

Tired of traditional A-frame tents? Our lightweight, full mesh canopy features excellent ventilation and enough room to stay comfortable for weeks or months at a time. Assembly is effortless, and you can save even more weight by using your trekking poles as support!

Despite its adaptability, the bug net can be used for more than just bugs. The Thru-Hiker Wing Canopy Camping Shelter attaches to it and keeps you protected from winds or rain during hot conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does MSR stand for camping?

Mountain Safety Research, or MSR, is a producer of camping, hiking, and mountaineering equipment, such as portable stoves, water filters, snowshoes, and tents.

Are MSR tents waterproof?

Durable – The MSR Elixir tent is incredibly durable and waterproof. The outer rainfly is made from ripstop polyester and it has a water column test rating of 1,500mm. … The floor of the tent has a higher water column test rating of 3,000mm as heavy rainwater is more likely to pool under the tent.

Does the Hubba Hubba leak?

You can now buy the Hubba Hubba in confidence that it will not leak and this issue with the leaking seems to have been resolved by MSR properly sealing all of the tent seams going forward.

How do I wash my MSR tent?

For heavy-duty cleaning, set up your tent and hand wash it with warm water, a sponge, and a block of mild, non-detergent soap. Rinse well and allow to it fully dry while pitched, or hang to dry.

Where Can I Buy MSR Tents?

If you’re looking to buy a tent, here are some places that sell them:
MSR’s official website
Certified sellers
Camping retailer stores
E-commerce giants like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and so on.

Conclusion on the Best MSR Tents

Whether you’re a first or longtime backpacker, this is one of the Best MSR Lightweight Backpack Tents on our list. We’ve analyzed every detail and it’s clear that they take quality and craftsmanship seriously.

A tent is a great place to kick back, relax and unwind after hiking through national parks all day. There is an abundance of options available for different needs and conditions that suit varying pack weights.

Depending on what you’re looking for, the company offers a range of tents. If weight is not an issue and all that matters is price, go with ultralight models like Carbon Reflex or FreeLite. However, if extra protection from rain and wind doesn’t bother then consider Elixir or Zoic instead.

Geometric frameworks are better than those in the low to the mid-cost range because they have high quality, durability, weatherproofing, and comfort.

Other standout features are consistent ventilation, ample vestibule storage, large doors, and fast setups. All of these elements make an outdoor experience more comfortable and enjoyable in every sense.