Best Camping Tent Locks

Top 3 Best Camping Tent Locks?

A camping tent lock is a perfect way to ensure that nobody can take your shelter when you are not looking. It’s a great last line of defense for any little camper!

Forget about expensive alarm systems, all you need is a flashlight and some batteries. Thieves are not going to bother breaking into your tent if they know that the chances of getting caught outweigh what’s waiting for them in there!

Any camping trip requires the best camping tent locks. Whether you’re car camping or backpacking, it’s important to protect the investment of your tent from theft and damage by securing them with a lock before leaving camp each day.

We’ve looked at 3 Top-Rated Options – Best Camping Tent Locks

Best Camping Tent Locks

Master Lock 4688D – Combination Lock

Master Lock 4688D Set Your Own Combination TSA Approved Luggage Lock, 1 Pack, Assorted Colors

Product Features

  • No key to lose with this combination lock!
  • A versatile, ultra-durable material
  • Reset your own combination
  • Tents and flies are both TSA-approved
  • A flexible cable design should be compatible with many tent zippers

Master Lock’s 4688D TSA-Approved lock is a great way to protect your suitcase while traveling… and your tent!

The Master Lock is a sturdy and portable device that allows you to set your own 3-digit combination for security. When used in the outdoors, it provides peace of mind by locking backpacks or coolers down while on vacation trips.

This lock is the perfect way to keep your belongings safe and secure when you’re on the go. It’s constructed with a metal body for durability, as well as an abuse-resistant vinyl-covered cable that ensures protection against both tampering and rusting.

The 4688D comes in four different colors – black, red, blue, or silver so it will suit any taste! With all these features combined into one convenient package, there can be no question about picking this travel lock!


  • Manufacturer: Master Lock
  • Model: 4688D
  • Dimensions: 0.65 x 1.19 x 3.15 inches
  • Weight: 2.4 ounces
  • Warranty: Limited lifetime

Lewis N. Clark – Cable Lock

Lewis N. Clark Cable Lock: Luggage Lock + Travel Lock - Set Combination Lock for a TSA Approved Padlock or Bike Lock with 30-inch Retractable Steel Cable - Blue

Product Features

  • No need to lose keys with a 3-dial combination lock!
  • The sturdy and versatile housing is made of thermoplastic rubber and ABS
  • It’s up to you to set your own combination
  • The item is TSA-approved (so it can also be used as a luggage lock when flying)
  • Retractable steel cable fits through the most tent and backpack zippers

The Lewis N. Clark Cable Lock is perfect for securing your tent, backpack, or other valuables while traveling abroad by providing a flexible 30-inch stainless steel cable that retracts inside of the lock and an ABS casing to protect it from outdoor elements.

This lock is perfect for anyone who’s hiking and wants to secure their tent or backpack. The thermoplastic rubber housing provides a comfortable grip, so you can focus on securing your belongings without worrying about hand fatigue.


  • Manufacturer: Lewis N. Clark
  • Model: LOC88
  • Dimensions: 3 x 2 x 5 inches
  • Weight: 2.08 ounces
  • Warranty: 1-year

Travel More Flexible – Mini Key Padlock

2 Pack TSA Approved Luggage Locks with Keys for Travel – Flexible Ultra Secure Mini Key Padlock & Metal Zinc Alloy Material – Black

Product Features

  • Two keys are included (locks and unlocks)
  • The wheel is made from a high-strength zinc alloy
  • The zipper fits nicely through tent doors
  • The lock is TSA-approved (so you can store your luggage in it while flying)
  • Guaranteed refund of 100%

The Travel More Flexible Mini Key Padlock is the perfect lock for travelers with a busy schedule.

Made from durable Zinc Alloy, this key padlock will withstand all of your adventures and protect you against theft in crowded areas while on vacation or business trips. It also features an innovative design that makes it easy to pack up when traveling!

The designers of this key lock have thought of everything. Not only does it come with a detachable wire stem, but you can use the same keys that are on your existing zipper locks! The unique design also looks great and has two colors to choose from – black or orange.


  • Manufacturer: Travel More
  • Model: N/A
  • Dimensions: 1.6″ x 0.6″ x 0.6″ 
  • Weight: 0.3 ounces 
  • Warranty: Lifetime warranty

Camping Tent Lock Buyers Guide

Camping tent locks typically consist of an elastic cord that secures the door zippers together. There are, however, specific doors designed for camping tents – but not just a lock to protect these specialized walls from intruders into your campsite!

Secure your tent with a zipper lock to keep it from being ripped open like the guy next door. A build-in strong metal zip line will provide years of security and safety for all types of weather.

When buying one, you should consider two things: how much weight it can withstand before breaking? And what size are they made in?

Lock Type

A padlock is a helpful way to keep your tent sealed uptight. Dig through the variety of locks and choose one with an adjustable shackle for easy use, or go with a cable-style lock that can be secured at both ends by going around zippers.

Combination or Key – Best Camping Tent Locks

Choosing a padlock is an important decision. There are two styles to choose from: key or combination style locks. Either will work, but we prefer using the latter for two reasons!

  1. The first reason is that it provides improved security because you can create your own code and no one else knows what this means other than you which prevents any uninvited guests from getting in without permission!
  2. The second reason why we recommend combo-style locks over keys has to do with convenience; simply inputting our personal four-digit number into the lock just takes seconds whereas if there was another person helping out they would have had to fumble around trying to find their matching set of keys among all those others on hooks by racks everywhere.

Ease of Use

You want a tent lock that is easy to use! And by that we mean:

  • Quickly locking and unlocking a lock
  • The combination can be changed or reset easily
  • The tent zippers can be easily accessed

Because the last thing you want is for someone to steal from your campsite, you won’t have to worry about forgetting the Best Camping tent locks again. The less complicated it is, the more likely we are to actually use these measures and keep our valuables safe.”.


If you’re the type of person who loves to explore, then a camping trip is for you. There’s nothing better than being able to enjoy nature and have some time on your hands!

Camping gear should be lightweight so that it can fit well in your backpack without hindering movement or having an effect on weight distribution. But what about locking up all of those precious items when going off into secluded areas?

Well, luckily there are locks available that weigh as little as one ounce (that’s with keys). These types of ultra-lightweight locks will not only keep your belongings protected from thieves but also make sure they stay at least somewhat organized within the pack itself.

FAQS – Best Camping Tent Locks

Q. What are the benefits of using a tent lock?

A.Tent locks provide an extra level of security for your tent and belongings while you’re away from your campsite. They can also deter would-be thieves from entering your tent in the first place.

Q. How do I choose a tent lock?

A.When choosing a tent lock, consider the material of your tent and the level of security you need. For example, if you’re camping in an area with a lot of foot traffic, you might want to choose a sturdier lock made of metal or hard plastic.

Q. How do I use a tent lock?

A. Just thread the lock through the loops on your tent’s door, and then secure it with the included key. When you’re ready to leave your campsite, make sure to remove the key so that no one can access your tent.

Q. Can I use a regular padlock as a tent lock?

A.Yes, you can use a regular padlock as a tent lock.

Q. Are there any special considerations I should keep in mind when using a tent lock?

A.When using a tent lock, be sure to keep the key in a safe place where you won’t lose it. It’s also a good idea to write down the combination or keep it stored in your phone so that you can access it if you forget it.