Awesome Tips To Increase Space In A Pop-Up Camper

Awesome Tips To Increase Space In A Pop-Up Camper

It’s time to get out of town and camp! But with only 4 feet inside your pop-up camper for everything from sleeping bags, clothes, or dishes; there isn’t really enough room when you are packing up all those necessities onto one trip. Some Awesome tips to increase space in a Pop-Up Camper, when you finally get around to organizing your storage area, it might be a lot more spacious and organized than expected. In fact – that was just one change that will occur!

Memories are best when they’re not around. When you notice them taking up space, just grab ahold of those old memories and pull!

You’ll find yourself feeling less stressed out because all those unwanted items in your life have been pushed back where they belong- without any explanation whatsoever why these thoughts popped into mind or what this has anything to do with the person who said “neat!”

Awesome tips to increase space in a Pop-Up Camper

I have compiled a list of 12 Tips – Awesome Tips to Increase Space in a Pop-Up Camper

Containers for Storage

You know that feeling of joy when you find the perfect storage container for all your outdoor equipment? It’s like a breath of fresh air, knowing there is finally someplace to put everything.

One way we can begin pop-up camper organization and keep those pesky shelf/cabinet dividers from taking over our RV life too much has been by getting ourselves just one small box or bin so as long as keeping them handy at every moment! And if space isn’t really an issue (we’re thinking kitchen counter) then always collapsible ones will do nicely!.

If you’re looking for a way to free up some space and stay organized, look no further than these clever ideas. The top solution is using the under-bed storage area! It’s often overlooked but can be used for all sorts of things like storing containers out of sight when not in use or taking advantage of its extra depth so that your things aren’t constantly getting dirty from contact with other surfaces nearby (and potentially giving off germs).

Using Hooks

The most important things in life are often the hardest to find room for. When you only have a couple of feet, your clothes and food take up all that space but it’s not enough when staying comfortable outdoors requires hooks too!

Suction cup covers make sure no matter where they’re placed or how much rain there may be outside- these waterproof surfaces won’t get wet so long as they’re attached properly by adding some glue if necessary (and don’t worry – this will dry just fine).

Hanging a hook on your camper? We’ve got just the thing for all of those things you need and more! These fishing rod-looking fixtures are incredibly easy to install.

All it takes is two minutes with some heavy-duty double-sided tape, then bam—you’re set up in no time at all because these bad boys can hang anything; keys or clothes (or both!), towels even bags if needed – without making any holes through which things could fall out when not being used as intended.

Products that collapsible

One great way to save on space when storing your pop-up camper is by using an item that can easily fold up, like dish racks and bins. The best part about these types of storage solutions? They only take up as much room because they’re smaller than full-size items!

You’ll be able to put away more dishes in less time too with this clever trick – just make sure you don’t forget where things went before so there are no missing treasures found under beds or inside cabinets later down the road.

Stackable shelves

If you have a good amount of wall space available, adding pop-up camper shelving is an easy and affordable way to make your home more spacious. However, be careful not to put many on the same shelf as this can cause it to look really crowded in order for their respective items to appear properly showcased!

You’re probably looking for a place on your wall where you can add some storage. I’ve found that the best spots are in bathrooms and bedrooms; if possible, include hooks to hold larger items like umbrellas or cycling gear as well!

The Hammock & Basket

Hanging a hammock in the kitchen is an excellent way to save space and keep your food fresh. You can thread one underneath any shelves if you’ve already got them installed! They’re also very inexpensive items that look great on their own without having anything attached; plus this gives more breathing room for other pieces of decor like artwork or photos suspended above it all as well!.

Baskets can be used to protect any items you might have while driving, such as your phone.

Compactly fold clothing

Clothes and towels take up a lot of space but if you can fold them in the ‘ranger roll’, your clothes will be neatly organized. This military-style way to organize clothing keeps things tight for when on the road while also ensuring they stay stable without being folded too much or sticking out like a sore thumb!

Now you’re going to want the hem at your shirt’s bottom so that it can wrap around like a log. Take one end, fold over about an inch or two (depending on how big rolls need to be made) and smooth out any wrinkles with wide tooth combs if needed!

Once this side is nice and flat seal off all four corners by folding up again just beneath where we started rolling from – make sure not too much fabric shows through because then when we put our ends back inside themselves they won’t stick out as well during gluing time!!

In order to make a shirt more compact, you can either use the left and right sides like it is square or fold over both sleeves. Next, take two corners of your garment in an upwards motion so they meet at the center front (or wherever).

Finally roll tightly from the collar side until there’s enough fabric covering the top surface for pressing purposes; if wrinkles appear just smooth them out before rolling back up again!

Strips of Magnetic Material

Keeping your kitchen knives and other metal utensils close to your hand is easy with magnetic strips. These fasteners can be easily adhered to or attached to any surface, making them a great option for those who want more space on their countertop but don’t have much vertical room left over from all of the appliances in use there already!

Having a Shoe Rack

Most shoe racks are great for storage, but the ones with a wall or door mount and multiple pockets can be even better. You could store things like socks in them when you’re not using them so they don’t get dirty on top of holding your shoes!

You’ll never know what possibilities will come from these creative designs because there’s no limit to how different people use theirs-I’m sure everyone has their own idea as a well-the only requirement being some imagination (and maybe an ability to cut up unattractive items).

A Spice Rack

Spices are a very popular way to add some extra flavor to your cooking. The best thing you can do is design and install an easy-to-use spice rack in the kitchen or wherever else it will be used often so that all of those valuable ingredients won’t go wasted!

It wastes space when we have our spices cluttering up drawers at home, jars on counters–it doesn’t make sense because what if someone spills something onto them? Then there’s also this feeling I get where every time my mom goes grocery shopping without me asking first she somehow ends up coming back with more than ten bags full of chips…

A Tension Rod

The tension rod is a very handy and inexpensive tool that everyone should try out. It can be used for so many things, especially if you’re looking to store something in your camper or RV!

So you want to maximize your floor space? Whether it’s a vertical or horizontal wall, wire hangers are boundless. I have one that’s so big; when I install shower curtains in them they’re perfect for hanging up clothes too!


Velcro is a great way to keep your remote controls in one place, and also makes an excellent tool for securing anything you don’t want rolling around.

Unfortunately, these mounts won’t work well if there’s any weight on them or too much force applied from above; try putting them instead!

Brackets for Mounting

Mounting brackets are a great way to secure anything that needs mounting, like cleaning supplies or even your ceiling fan. When securing things with the use of these mounts there are usually two choices.

Velcro which you should avoid if possible because it will leave behind residue on whatever surface (and therefore damage its finish), or screws/nails depending on how permanent this is desired in comparison between both options.

The extra space inside our pop-up camper has helped us to prevent tripping over excess gear when not needed. They also make it easier to organize extra camping equipment when not needed.

An A-frame roof rack

It’s time to focus on the outside of your camper. Some pop-up campers already have roof racks, which can be a great way for you and others in need to get access to essential supplies such as gas or food when out traveling.

If you don’t already have one, roof racks are often included with trailers. In order to install your rack and securely store items on it for travel purposes be sure that these accessories will only hold essential gear like bikes or luggage – anything else should go in the backseat!

The Mason Jar

This final one is a very interesting hack, but it does require some holes. Basically, you’re going to make two small holes in the top of your mason jar so that they can screw and secure together for storage purposes.

I recommend securing an underutilized shelf or plank of wood underneath any cupboards where items might stay; when storing them just screw on tightly at both ends- voila! “Floating Jars.”

Frequently Asked Questions – Awesome tips to increase space in a Pop-Up Camper

How do I get more space in my camper?

There are lots of ways to make the most out of your pop-up camper! You can use things like collapsible storage containers to store all kinds of items in and compactly put them away when not being used, suction cup hooks for hanging hammocks or baskets from, install shelves so you have space inside too (even if just one small shelf), secure it with tension rods that go across top two windows where there is no hook already installed.

Can you put a roof rack on a popup camper?

A roof rack on your pop-up camper is a great way to carry the gear you need and it’s fairly simple.
All that needs doing now, though there are two things: making sure there is room for everything in their designated spots (especially if they’re heavy) before installation as well drilling some holes so it will stay put once installed!

How long do pop-up campers last?

Owners of second-hand pop-up campers can expect their RV to last between 10 and 15 years. But if you’re a newbie, make sure that the previous owner has included those extra five or six in order for your investment not to be lost down an unlucky rabbit hole!

How do you secure things in a camper?

You’ll want to use mounting putty, camping straps, and Velcro for safety when you’re on the road with your camper. You can also bring bungee cords just in case of emergencies or longer trips where it may be more convenient than using those options above depending upon what type of vehicle we driving!

How do I organize my camper trailer?

Hanging things from your walls is a convenient solution for storing stuff. There are plenty of ways to do it, including using brackets and suction cups that attach easily to the surface or hooks with sticky backs so you can quickly find what’s needed without having too much clutter on the shelves below!

How do you hang things on a camper wall?

The best way to hang things on the wall of your camper without making any holes in it is by using Command hooks that come off easily and don’t damage the paint.
Velcro can also be used if you want something secure, such as a paper towel holder or Nano tape; both are durable enough for driving with no worries about peeling away at all paints like other products may do!