Are Snake Bite Kits Effective

Are Snake Bite Kits Effective? | Camping In Wild

When you are out on a hike or spending the weekend camping with your family, being prepared is vital. One kit that many people consider to be absolutely necessary for their presence is a snake bite kit because of how dangerous they can be and also for other possible injuries from insects like bees and spiders.

You never know what you’ll encounter in the wilderness, so being prepared is a necessity. Are Snake Bite Kits Effective? A snake bite kit may not be as useful or effective for every situation and scenario – but it’s better to have one with you than nothing at all!

Top 6 Snake Bite Kits

Are Snake Bite Kits Effective

A snake bite kit is a must-have for those who spend time in nature or live where snakes are common.

The debate over whether or not they work can be quickly hushed by the many people that feel more comfortable having one of these kits with them always and especially on days spent out in nature.

Snake bites and insect stings are two of the most common dangers on a camping trip. It’s important to know what steps should be taken in order to treat these injuries quickly so you can have more time for enjoying your vacation!

Snakebites and insect stings are not only painful but also dangerous, especially when they happen during an outdoor excursion. Fortunately, there is something that everyone with first aid training needs – kits specially designed for snake bite or sting treatments.

Which Snake Bite Kit is the best? One can never be too safe from a venomous snake attack, so it’s important to buy top-of-the-line equipment.

Check out our guide on what you should look for when shopping around.

1.Sawyer Products B4 Extractor Pump Kit

Snake Bite Kit, Bee Sting Kit, Emergency First Aid Supplies, Venom Extractor Suction Pump, Bite and Sting First Aid for Hiking, Backpacking and Camping (Yellow)

This product is one of the most popular on the market as far as extractor kits for snake and mosquito bites, bee stings, and wasp stings go. This vacuum pump provides powerful suction that can safely remove venom or poison from a wound.

The Screaming O! Stings Away Kit provides a lifesaver when you can’t find any relief. The kit is designed with four different size plastic cups that are placed over the sting or bite, along with alcohol prep pads and adhesive bandages. This package also includes an extractor pump for easy handling of this product in one hand.

2.LIVABIT First Aid Safety Tool F.A.S.T

LIVABIT First Aid Safety Tool F.A.S.T. Kit Emergency Venom Extractor Snake Bite and Sting Suction Pump

The LIVABIT F.A.S.T venom extractor is an innovative double chamber vacuum pump that provides powerful suction for the extraction of venoms and poisons from bites and stings by mosquitoes, bees, wasps, or snakes – all without using any chemicals.

This kit comes with one extractor pump, two suction cup sizes, two antiseptic pads, and a small disposable tourniquet to slow/stop blood circulation.

3.Rothco Snake Bite Kit

Rothco Snake Bite Kit

Rothco’s snake bite kit makes a great addition to any first aid kit. The mini-kit contains two large suction cups, one small cup, and an easy use lymph constrictor for quick application of pressure that will make your life easier when dealing with the effects of venomous bites.

This Rothco piece also includes an antiseptic saw and scalpel blades making it both practical in emergencies as well as being portable on trips or hikes where you may encounter snakes.

4.Ven-Ex Snake Bite Kit, Bee Sting Kit

Ven-Ex Snake Bite Kit, Bee Sting Kit, Venom Extractor Suction Pump, Bite and Sting First Aid for Hiking, Backpacking and Camping. Includes Bonus CPR face Shield by Archer MedTech.

The Ven-Ex snake bite kit is a lightweight, compact vacuum pump that will not only extract the venom from your skin but also provide you with CPR protection.

The kits come in two sizes and include an extraction vessel for each size so that no matter what type of injury it can still be used effectively without worrying about wasting space or time on additional items.

5.Coghlan’s Snake Bite Kit

Coghlans Snake Bite Kit - Pack of 6

The Ven-Ex snake bite kit is an essential item for any outdoorsman. Not only can you use the lightweight, compact vacuum pump to extract venom from your skin but it will also provide CPR protection so that no matter what type of injury you sustain while out in nature this product has got your back!

The kits come with either a small or large jar and include everything needed without worrying about wasting space on extra items.

6.Primacare VE-5444 Venom Extractor Kit

Primacare VE-5444 First Aid Venom Extractor Pump, Outdoor and Portable One-Hand Suction for Snake, Bee, Bug, Scorpion Bites and Stings Removal, Survival Poison Extraction Rescue Pump

For those times when you want to extract venom from a snakebite, use the Primacare VE-5444 venom extractor kit. This kit features a one-way valve on the suction cap that lets you pump without losing any of your precious fluid – it’s like getting two tools in one.

The wide-end plastic handle of this device fits comfortably in the palm with your index finger hooked onto a “T” to enable it to be used with just one hand. Alongside that, you get two alcohol pads and two iodine wipes, as well as a tourniquet for good measure.

Are Snake Bite Kits Effective?

People who spend a lot of time outside, such as hikers and campers may find comfort in having snake bite kits in their larger first aid supplies. There are different types on the market that claim to help extract venom from fresh bites or stings; however, there is debate over just how useful they really can be.

Snakebite first aid is not just a short-term solution. For centuries, the treatment for snake bites has varied wildly — but all forms are intended to prevent life-threatening complications as soon as possible by getting you off of your feet and on your way to medical attention ASAP.

If you’re bitten by a snake, go to the nearest hospital as soon as possible! Some traditional methods of first aid come in the form of making local incisions at the site of any bite or attempting to suction out the venom. Tight bands can be used on an extremity that has been tourniquet and ice applied for emergency situations such as these. These are not recommended treatments, however–instead it’s best to just get yourself medical attention right away if there is one nearby!

When looking at the snake bite kits currently on the market, one will find that they all make use of some type of first aid treatment. However, current research shows that these treatments can actually cause more harm than good and are not as effective in dealing with a possible snakebite situation.

Reports by Sean P. Bush, MD state that most first aid kits are not of any help to consumers and cite multiple studies on the topic. One study agrees with this sentiment while four others disagree or have unclear results due to lack of controls; only one out of a total of five is actually supported by scientific evidence according to Dr. Bush’s paper (in which he also mentions his own research).

Scientists have been working on the venom of snakes for decades, but they may not be going about it in the best way. The Sawyer Extractor pump removes virtually no venom from simulated snakebites in human volunteers and only decreases their total body “venom load” by two percent.

Scientists at Johns Hopkins University Medical School were interested to see how well one of the most popular snakebite kits -the Sawyer Extractor pump- would work when applied to humans rather than mice or rats.

It turns out that there was a significant difference between what happened with both animals versus people; while rodents showed minimal side effects due to reduced amounts of poison dispensed to them through these devices, this wasn’t true for those who had donated blood samples as part.

How Are Snake Bite Kits Effective?

Is it worth it to buy snake bite kits? If you want peace of mind, it would seem they’d be beneficial, but research indicates they’re not.

Proper First Aid Snake Bite Treatment

If snake bite kits aren’t the way to go in a camping situation, what do you carry? What type of first aid should be considered for those situations where there are no hospitals or emergency rooms nearby.

Victims must be calmed

You’re probably feeling a little nervous right now, but don’t worry! The most important thing you’ll want to do is calm the person down and make them comfortable. While snake bites can be terrifying, it doesn’t always mean they are venomous. In fact, 70% of all snake bites are nonvenomous while 50% of these types of bites happen without releasing any venom into their victim’s body at all!

The affected limb must be immobilized

Bite victims need to keep their limbs from being used. One way of doing this is by using a tourniquet, but that could cut off the blood supply and cause serious damage. Instead, you can use a splint or sling for immobilization without cutting off the circulation entirely.
One simple solution to keeping bite victims’ hands in check is with an arm sling — it will suffice as long they resist moving around too much.

An Immediate Medical Transfer

Once you’ve immobilized the limb, call for an ambulance or take them to a hospital as fast as possible. A patient bitten by a snake will have different treatment than if they were attacked by another animal, such as their pet cat.

Kits that feature snake bites can ease the mind but aren’t always effective.

Snake bites are frightening. While specific kits may be helpful, they can also cause more harm than good after research shows a lack of benefit to snakebite treatment in such cases as this one.

Are Snake Bite Kits Effective? It’s important to be prepared for emergencies, even if you’ve never had one before. Keeping your general first aid kit stocked up on all the necessities is a good idea and will make everyone feel more at ease in an emergency situation.

The importance of always carrying a fully charged phone cannot be overstated. That’s because if you’re unfortunate enough to get bitten by an animal, or hurt in some other way while trekking through the wilderness then that emergency call is your only hope for reaching out and getting help quickly.

Exploring the wild is a great way to get in touch with nature. You’ll not only have fun, but if something terrible does happen then you will be able to rely on someone else for help.